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James Lambert: OAS monitors respect for fundamental rights

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The Secretary for Hemispheric Affairs of the Organization of American States (OAS), James Lambert, participated in the opening ceremony of the Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Policy Session at the 3rd edition of the Summit for Integration for Peace -CUMIPAZ 2017..

Lambert gave his speech: "The commitment of international organizations in the pursuit of social, political, economic and cultural well-being of individuals and of the nations", before personalities belonging to the political, parliamentary, diplomatic and general community, present in the Chamber of Parlatino, in Panama.

In his dissertation, he mentioned that international or multilateral organizations are an essential element to help global communities advance social, political, economic and cultural well-being in their environment, but to have a real impact, a much more inclusive approach is necessary, to bring government representatives together with other people in civil society.

The multilateral system makes an important contribution: it allows the existence of a rule-based system by preventing major powers from defining or manipulating the international system to their advantage, Lambert noted.

"The work of the OAS in favor of the promotion of human rights, the activities of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the Inter-American Commission on Women, allow for ever greater vigilance of the respect of fundamental rights."

 He also said that another challenge that the OAS is going to address is corruption. Corruption is one of the most serious problems the region is facing, but it is a struggle of the world in general:

“Article 4 of the Inter-American Democratic Charter states that the exercise of democracy, the transparency of governmental activities, probity, the responsibility of governments in public administration, respect for social rights and freedom of expression and press are fundamental components”.


James Matthew Lambert
Secretary for Hemispheric Affairs of the OAS. (CANADA)


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