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The government of Guatemala declares CUMIPAZ 2018 an educational interest



The 4th edition of the Peace Integration Summit, CUMIPAZ 2018, was declared an educational interest by the government of Guatemala, the venue for the international event that will take place from October 1 to 6, in Guatemala City.

The decree was issued by the Ministry of Education, registered in Ministerial Agreement No. 2009-2018 of July 12.

Guatemala supports the Summit considering the efforts the State has made to achieve citizen peace and to guarantee the protection of human rights, stating its commitment to strengthening democratic institutions, promoting dialogue and reaching an agreement with all political forces, the citizen movements and the organized civil society of the country. As part of these commitments, the Ministry of Education has had participation during CUMIPAZ 2016 and 2017.

The state agency, in addition to supporting the convocation process, will participate in the Summit, especially in the Educational Session.

Educational themes of CUMIPAZ

The Integration for Peace Summit develops a segment focused on the educational area. The proposals, analysis and approaches in this session focus on promoting the internationalization of the integral education of the human being, based on principles, values, respect for human rights and Mother Earth, through joint inter-institutional strategies that strengthen the development of a culture of peace in society.

To carry out this session, the Summit summons representatives of supranational organizations related to education, ministers and secretaries of education, academic authorities, teachers and students, and other actors from the educational field of different countries.

Among the themes for 2018:

  • State contributions in the formation and development of citizens of peace: perspectives and challenges.
  • The role of incidental social actors in the educational process for the implementation of an education for peace and the formation of transformational leaders.
  • Approaches and perspectives of an educational system oriented to the peace and happiness of the human being.

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Part of the speakers who will participate in this edition:

• Oscar Hugo López, Minister of Education of the Republic of Guatemala.

• Eugene Mutimura, Minister of Education of the Republic of Rwanda.

• Adrián Bonilla Soria, Secretary of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation of the Republic of Ecuador.

• Eduardo Petta, Minister of Education of the Republic of Paraguay.

• Samuel Martín Barbero, rector of the Camilo José Cela University of Madrid (Spain).

• Miguel Ángel Navarro Navarro, rector of the University of Guadalajara (Mexico)

• Hermes Díaz, rector of the National Pedagogical University Francisco Morazán (Honduras).


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