GEAP Volunteers celebrate the Provincial Tree DayGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

GEAP Volunteers celebrate the Provincial Tree Day


The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Argentina, as part of the International Program “Children of Mother Earth,” celebrated the Provincial Tree Day (August 15) with a visit to the Native Garden nursery in the city of Mendoza.

The purpose of the activity was to make the community aware of the conservation of the environment, reduce the problems of deterioration of natural resources and seek possible solutions to the damage already caused.

Learning and participation

The marathon consisted of a tour of the facilities of the nursery, they started by the area of seed selection that are later taken to the greenhouses. In the same way, they learned the process by which the native plants go through in their seedbeds.

During the activity, practices were carried out on the production of native species for re-vegetation works; likewise, the development of the xeriscaping or desert gardening was promoted.

An investigation was also carried out on the native species to know and adapt the most convenient techniques for their propagation.

Date of the celebration

The City of Mendoza is considered an example in the defense of the trees. In 1939, Law No. 1360 was approved during the government of Dr. Rodolfo Coromina Segura, and in article 19 it states that August 15 is established as the Provincial Tree Day.


access_time Tuesday, August 15, 2017