Puerto Ricans pay homage to Mother Earth and act for her protection and restorationGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Puerto Ricans pay homage to Mother Earth and act for her protection and restoration

Puerto Rico

Planting activity in Caguas with the participation of the Conservation Trust in Puerto Rico

With the aim of promoting a sustainable environmental culture, framed in the harmonious and sustainable coexistence between human beings and Mother Earth, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Puerto Rico, celebrated the International Mother Earth Day (April 22) with the development of days of restoration and environmental education.

Since April 21, activists for peace gave educational talks in different schools in the cities of Cayey and Cidra, involving around 600 students as well as teachers and school directors.


The theme was focused on the creation of an environmental awareness based on the recognition of Mother Earth as a living being, as well as citizen participation for its protection and restoration. In this sense, the International Program "Children of Mother Earth" was presented, which is promoted by the GEAP to achieve these goals.


Among the central points, besides promoting the importance of this celebration established by the UN, they presented and socialized the project of the new Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, which will be presented by the GEAP to the UN

The institutions visited were: Salvador Brau Elementary School, Virginia Vázquez Mendoza Elementary School, Miguel Meléndez Muñoz High School, Benjamín Harrison Vocational High School, Cayey, and Ruth Evelyn Cruz Vocational School Santos de Cidra.

A planting to promote awareness of responsible consumption and production

The GEAP promoted and executed tree planting as an environmental restoration and recovery action, aligned with the objectives of the UN, this year with the slogan: Trees for the Earth "Let's plant."

In Caguas, reforestation was carried out with the sowing of 30 trees of three species: Native Oak, Retama San José and Eugenia Auxiliar. The sowing of an orchard with papaya, pigeon peas and pepper was also carried out.

This work was executed on the day of the celebration, to honor the Mother Earth, and as a significant action for the promotion of an awareness of consumption, responsible production and sustainable development.


The activity was carried out in Hacienda Las Lunas de Caguas, Conservation Trust institution in Puerto Rico, a non-profit organization that works for the conservation of ecosystems and land in the country.

On this occasion, together with the GEAP, they developed this restoration work

The Hacienda has 19.3 yards (0.075849 km2) of protected natural areas, where 162 plant species have been identified, among them, exotic, native endemic, and 75 species of fauna.


"Little by little we are taking from the Earth what she has naturally given us, we have invaded the spaces with buildings and houses. It is important to have these green areas to be able to recreate ourselves, to have the natural benefits that trees give us, that is why it is important to have those green areas where we can plant,"said Walas González, assistant manager of the Hacienda.

Elizabeth Padilla Rodríguez, coordinator of Ecodetour, and Daniel Montalvo, official of the Treasury, also participated in the activity.


The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace developed these environmental activities in more than 20 countries, carried out by volunteers of all ages who have identified with this initiative for the future of Mother Earth and humanity.

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