Brazilians reflect on the protection of Mother EarthGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Brazilians reflect on the protection of Mother Earth


Sowing environmental values

Brazilians reflect on the protection of Mother Earth

12 cities in Brazil, simultaneously held the Mother Earth Fair during the International Day of Environmental Education.

Recognizing Mother Earth as a living being is one of the purposes of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), which through the International Program "Children of Mother Earth" celebrated the International Day of Environmental Education, this January 26, 2016, where hundreds of people in Brazil joined this festivity.

The Activists for Peace in 12 Brazilian cities held the 1st Fair for the Peace of Mother Earth, whose purpose is to promote the importance of Environmental Education in citizenship, based on the recognition of Mother Earth as a human being, with life, and through informative modules with environmental themes, to achieve the objective.

The modules were presented in public squares, shopping centers, clubs and recycling centers; where children, youth and adults belonging to the cities of São Paulo, São José dos Campos, Goiânia, Manaus, Cuiabá, Araucária / Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Branco, Boa Vista, Fortaleza Natal / Macaíba and Barreiras, participated in the exhibitions presented by GEAP volunteers.

Through the fifth module, attendees learned the importance of the 5R, with the exhibition of various objects made with recyclable material; there were also workshops on drawing, painting and awareness days. In the same way, the children expressed their love for Mother Earth through drawings that were exhibited in the sixth module: "I love you, Mother Earth."

The event was attended by representatives of the Municipal Secretary of the Environment, the FVS, the Municipal Mayor's Office and the Scout Group "Augusto Severo". In addition, the moment was propitious to sign agreements, such as the one with the FEMARH and the Bosque dos Papagaios, as well as with governments and environmental authorities, who offered courses and training to the Activists for Peace.