CUMIPAZ-2016 was declared an event of National Interest by the Government of ParaguayGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

CUMIPAZ-2016 was declared an event of National Interest by the Government of Paraguay


The Honorable Chamber of Deputies, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the National Secretariat of Tourism and the Municipality of Asuncion, issued decrees in support of the international event.

The Second Peace Integration Summit (CUMIPAZ-2016), has been recognized and welcomed as an event of national importance by high levels of the government of Paraguay, which has made a commitment to support and participate, considering the country's role as the host for the Summit, listed as the Global Capital of Peace, this 2016.

CUMIPAZ is an international space that invites political, parliamentary, diplomatic, legal, educational personalities and authorities and civil society of the world, with the aim of addressing issues related to actions that States, civil society organizations, private sector and supranational organizations are carrying out and plan to execute, towards integral peace, security and sustainability of the human family and of Mother Earth.

This high-level meeting will be held from October 4th to October 8th, in the Bicameral Chamber of the National Congress in the city of Asunción, coordinated by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP); a nongovernmental, non-profit organization, with no religious order or state subsidies, paid for by volunteers. (See: Mission and goals of GEAP).

In order to facilitate the efforts of the event and make its realization public, members of the GEAP committee, as well as political, parliamentary and diplomatic authorities of the nation have joined the initiative, having meetings with governmental organizations for its official presentation.

Declaration of National Interest

In an Ordinary Session of June 1st, the Chamber of Deputies decreed: THE REALIZATION OF THE SECOND PEACE INTEGRATION SUMMIT IS DECLARED OF NATIONAL INTEREST (CUMIPAZ 2016 - PARAGUAY). Declaration No. 456. (See)

This declaration project was presented by a group of parliamentarians, which was approved without opposition. National deputy, Esmerita Sanchez, explained the objectives of CUMIPAZ and mentioned the aspects that made this event of national importance and relevance.

Among the considerations expressed in the statement, the legislative body stresses that CUMIPAZ promotes dialogue of regional, national and international problems, in search of solutions; and encourages the development of proposals and global and local projects designed to strengthen respect for life and human dignity, and the defense and practice of Human Rights and the Rights of Mother Earth. (Download CUMIPAZ briefing)

Declaration of Educational Interest

The Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) of Paraguay, issued a decree in support of the CUMIPAZ-2016, recognizing its contribution to the country's integral education for peace. On July 25th, Resolution No. 12587 was issued which declared the Peace Integration Summit of Educational Interest— CUMIPAZ 2016.

Exposes: It is a relevant event, appropriate for the recipients. It is relevant for the current situation of the country and the region… we can say that this activity will have a direct impact on the promotion of higher education and human rights. For the theme and mission: Promote the development of professional skills through an integral training in Higher Education, and through interinstitutional strategic alliances to plant, build and strengthen a culture of peace in society.

MEC states that CUMIPAZ fully coincides with one of the strategic areas of the Educational Agenda 2013-2018, referencing the strengthening of Higher Education, which mentions the creation of mechanisms to ensure optimal conditions for learning, in order to develop educational models that provide an answer to the paradigm of integral comprehension.

It also indicates that the objective of CUMIPAZ, to work for peace and human happiness within nations and between nations, through the formulation of proposals for the promotion, defense and practice of human rights, fully coincides with what the National Plan for Education in Human Rights PLANEDH presents and because of what is stated, they adjust to the educational guidelines.

CUMIPAZ-2016 will develop the Educational Session on October 6th, which aims to promote the internationalization of the education of the human being, based on principles, values, respect for human rights and the rights of Mother Earth, through combined interinstitutional strategies that strengthen the development of a culture of peace.

It’s directed towards representatives of supranational organizations related to Education and public policies, Ministries of Education, Boards of Education, universities, Higher Education institutes, institutions of all levels of education, youth leaders and society in general. (See: Educational Session CUMIPAZ-2016)

Declaration of National Tourist Interest

The National Secretariat of Tourism (SENATUR) considered the international call that CUMIPAZ-2016 made to world leaders, authorities and representatives of over 30 countries, as a contribution to the integration for peace and as a tool to promote, spread and develop local tourism at a national and international level.

In this sense, SENATUR issued Resolution 616/6, which declares the Peace Integration Summit (CUMIPAZ) of National Tourism Interest. (See Resolution)



Declaration of Municipal Interest

Through Resolution No. 920/2016, the Municipality of Asunción declared CUMIPAZ-2016 a Municipal Interest. The request was presented by Gabriela Marin, head of the Department of Relations with Private Entities, which was approved and signed by the municipal mayor, Mario Ferreiro Sanabria.

The support of the Summit is linked to the objectives of the municipality, among them, promoting civil citizens, civic and solidarity consciousness, considering the “declaration of municipal interest” as an act of support and promotion of the event, regardless of any material commitment.



Declaration of Touristic Interest - Municipality Foz do Iguacu (Brazil)

The municipality of Foz do Iguacu (Brazilian town bordering with Paraguay and Argentina), also supports the realization of the CUMIPAZ-2016, through the Declaration of Touristic Interest, signed by the municipality secretary of Tourism, Paulo Cesar Tremarin. (See Declaration)

The decree is due to the Igazu Falls Tour, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, which CUMIPAZ-2016 will offer as the closing of the multidisciplinary meeting on Saturday, October 8th; this tourist visit will include the participation of governmental authorities and non-governmental organizations, among other leaders and personalities from different countries.

See: Global call for the second annual Peace Integration Summit in Paraguay


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