1,105 students are educated on how to be green citizens in ArgentinaGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

1,105 students are educated on how to be green citizens in Argentina


The GEAP participated in the Festival Verdeveras Mar del Plata 2015

A week of educational actions and of recovery in favor of Mother Earth were carried out in six Argentinian, following the international call made by Dr. William Soto, CEO of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), with the purpose of celebrating the World Environment Day.

Education in environmental matters, for the younger generation as well as adults is essential.” As stated in principle 19 of the Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm (1972).

Focused on the promotion of education and communication for the impulse of a global culture of a sustainable development and a green citizenship, the GEAP presented the project “Children of Mother Earth”, on June 5th, with the slogan “Let’s celebrate life with Mother Earth”, which mobilized the Activists for Peace in Argentina and other Latin American countries, the United States and Spain.

Environmental education and recovery in Resistencia

In the city of Resistencia, the Chaco and America private institutions were the scenario where a total of 150 elementary and middle school students received an awareness lecture on the environmental condition.

As a communicational strategy the activists projected the movie “Home”, a documentary that demonstrates the evolution of Earth from its origins and how the human race, consciously and unconsciously, is provoking the destruction of the place where they live.

Also, the students planted 15 Ash trees, a typical tree in Northern Argentina; one of the most common trees in the public woodland because of the shade they provide.

At the same time, the 75 Julio Cortazar Junior High School, 90 students from 4th and 5th year, received topics on creating environmental awareness and planted trees in the areas around the school.

The Undersecretary of Culture, Javier Vargas, was present during this event, as well as Monica Daguino, Director of the Paseos and Jardines of the City, who spoke to the students on the importance of preserving the trees and on how to take care of them until they can keep growing by themselves.

Developing environmental actions and awareness in Mendoza

The Falkland Islands School in the city of Mendoza, was another educational center that was visited by the activists, where they showed kindergarten, elementary and junior high school students the importance of recognizing Mother Earth as a living being who needs to be respected.

They explained the importance of recycling to the students with the topic of “The three R’s” (reduce, reuse, recycle) and at the same time they made crafts while applying this ecological concept; 250 students participated in this activity.

On the other hand, citizens of La Favorita sector, along with the Activists for Peace, carried out a cleaning marathon in the area and planted 50 trees (eucalyptus and pine) at the new town square called “del Barrio 15”, where Ana Urrutia, Social Action Director of Mendoza, Alenjandra Weintraub, Health Director, and Eduardo Vazquez, President of the Neighborhood Union, were present.

In San Martin, Activists, along with city officials, planted 15 trees.

Other sessions of environmental education and tree planting were held at the Carlos Verdazco and Julio C. Rafflo de la Reta Schools, where 310 students from both schools participated, and planted eucalyptus and pine trees.

Azul turned green

In the city of Azul, they prepared a community garden with different vegetables; an activity that was carried out with the help of the citizens that were trained in organic planting. Juan Gonzales was in charge of developing the PRO-HUERTA programme from NATI (National Agricultural Technology Institute).

Awareness towards respecting Mother Earth in Olavarria

In the city of Olavarria the Activists went to the Community Center N802, where they developed topics and practical activities with 85 students on recycling, the elaboration of toys, and a banner with the logo of the project “Children of Mother Earth”, with recycled materials.

20 students from the N18 Junior High School also made a banner with recycled materials, which was then displayed on campus, for the rest of the students as a demonstration that it is possible to reduce, reuse and recycle for the health of Mother Earth.

Urban festival for the environment in Mar del Plata

Among the activities the Argentinian activists carried out, it is also worth mentioning the participation in Verdeveras Mar del Plata, the First Urban Festival for the Environment and a Sustainable Development; an encounter with the leading environmental NGO’s of the city, along with the attendance of local authorities such as President of Labors and Urban Services, Mr. Marcelo Artime, and President of Roads and Lighting, Mr. Santiago Bonifatti.

On June 8th, GEAP volunteers with the residents of Las Heras, proceeded to clean an acre of that town.

Buenos Aires educates the generations of relief

Buenos Aires presented the project “Children of Mother Earth”, to a total of 200 students at the Nuestra Señora del Carmen N7 and Joaquin Gonzalez Schools; through which they educated children and youths on how human beings have provoked the deterioration of Earth, but above all, the actions they can make to revert the damage and contribute towards the care of the home of every living being, Mother Earth.


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