1650 trees were planted in Mexico on June 5th Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

1650 trees were planted in Mexico on June 5th


More than 30 cities celebrated the World Environment Day

“Let’s celebrate life with Mother Earth” was the call of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), this past June 5th, “World Environment Day”; date in which the Activists for Peace in different regions of the Mexican Republic carried out actions in favor of a culture of a sustainable green citizenship in harmony with Mother Earth; among those activities they planted trees and held educational marathons.

The development activities were inspired by the International Project “Children of Mother Earth”, initiative of Dr. William Soto, Global Ambassador of the GEAP; with the objective of contributing legal, educational, and environmental governance solutions for the recognition of planet Earth as a living being with rights, as well as the life preservation of everything that lives in her.

Currently, the Mexican State has advanced in the subject of environmental preservation. Federal Law of Environmental Responsibility (LEFRA), from 2013, is worth mentioning, which regulates the Environmental Responsibility (RA) and the reparation of the damage caused to the environment.

On this occasion, Mexican citizens took advantage of this day to carry out a series of educational and environmental reparation activities, which took place in more than 30 cities of this nation, such as: Mexico City, Monterrey, Veracruz, Cancun, Ciudad Juarez, Villahermosa, Poza Rica, Guadalajara, Orizaba, Altamirano, among others. 

Planting trees for a green Mexico

The Activists for Peace in this nation recognized the importance trees have on the life of Mother Earth and of every being that inhabits her.

In accordance with the National Institute of Geography and Statistics (INEGI), Mexico is one of the countries with the most deforestation in the world, which according to the stimulation during the 2005 – 2010 period is around 15,000 hectares per year.

That is why on June 5th they planted 1650 trees, which included: ficus, rayanas, tulip, mountain coffee, fig, hibiscus, corto, as well as lemon, mango, pistachio trees and some ornamental plants.

Education and action for the respect of Mother Earth’s Rights

At the same time, 12,109 students of different grades participated in pedagogical activities prepared by the activists, among them: presentation of the project “Children of Mother Earth”, lectures, seminars, movies, and ceremonial commemoration with the assistance of various academic authorities. 

The participation of the children from the city of Orizaba stood out because they made more than one thousand allusive drawing for the “World Environment Day”, same amount of elementary students who were given a tree to plant.

In Altamirano, 800 high school students, along with their teachers, learned of the GEAP project, by being educated on topics on recognizing Mother Earth as a living being and the necessary actions for her care and recovery.

Elementary students in Monterrey, along with the Activists for Peace, visited an ecological management and waste processing center, to learn about how to distribute material such as paper, glass, plastic and where these are sent to, to promote recycling. 

Active participation of citizens and Mexican institutions

Amongst the participating institutions, a total of 4 kindergartens, 35 elementary schools, 19 middle schools, 11 high schools, 3 universities and 5 municipalities were listed.

At the same time, around 1,200 adults were registered, which included political and academic authorities, professors and the general community, which participated, along with the Activists, in educational activities, cleaning marathons and recycling in plazas, gardens, streets and rivers.


It is worth mentioning the support the International Project “Children of Mother Earth” has received from the city mayors, secretaries of the environment and natural resources, ecological and recycling departments, among other authorities; as well as companies dedicated to ecology, such as Biopapel and Management Unit for the Preservation of Wildlife.



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