Colombia celebrates life with Mother EarthGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Colombia celebrates life with Mother Earth


The GEAP Promotes the Defense of the Environmental Rights

The GEAP Promotes the Defense of the Environmental Rights 

According to the United Nations Organization (UN) the “World Environment Day” is one of the primary methods used to promote global sensibilization regarding the environment and to promote political attention and action on this issue.

In this context, the Colombian nation and Activists for Peace from all over the country performed various activities in favor of the Environment under the project “Children of Mother Earth”, promoted by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), celebrated on June 5th.

OUR MOTHER EARTH IS A LIVING BEING that, as such, should be protected”, these words from Dr. William Soto Santiago, Global Ambassador of the GEAP, are the foundation that describes the project mentioned above, which promotes actions for a sustainable development and future that guarantees the continuance of human beings in harmony with Mother Earth.

Colombian activists accept a commitment with Mother Earth

In accordance with what is stipulated in the National Constitution of Colombia (1991), it is the duty of the people to protect the natural resources and ensure the conservation of a healthy environment (Art. 95)

In this sense, “Celebrate Life with Mother Earth” was the main slogan this past Friday, June 5th, where many small, medium and large hand prints were posted on banners made of recycled paper, accompanying this celebration throughout various parts of Colombia. .

For a whole week the activists gave speeches on topics such as recycling and awareness of Mother Earth as a living being. The celebration concluded with many activities and events that included cleaning the surroundings and arborization.

Education to recognize the Rights of Mother Earth

Dr. William Soto’s philosophy, in relation to Mother Earth being born free and that people should behave fraternally towards her, was part of the pedagogical and sensibilization workshops offered to more than 10,000 elementary and middle school students of educational institutes in different regions of the nation, as was the case of Monsegnor Luis Perez Hernandez College, that housed 500 students in the city of Cúcuta in the Northeastern part of the country.

Additionally, we would like to mention the activities performed with the second grade students at the Punta de Cartagena Headquarters, in the town of Magangue, which included educational speeches and cleanup workshops throughout the institution.

At the university level, topics related towards caring and respecting the environment, were also given. “The doors at the National University of Palmira are open today and so on to support this project of “Children of Mother Earth”, were the words of Hector Fabio Ramos, Director of the Agricultural Faculty of Palmira.

Cleaning and Recycling for a Healthy Environment

The purpose of the educational speeches created an interval for the planet, given that the habit of the “three Rs”, reduce, reuse, recycle, is generating more interest among the generations (children, adolescents and adults), who were present on June 5th, during the different cleaning marathons accompanied by collection companies, such as EMAC in Campoalegre, Huila, who had an active participation.

Arborization to Give Life

As part of the activities performed by the Colombian activists, what the indigenous communities promote in relation to harmony between a human being and nature was also considered, for example, one of the thoughts of the Colombian arhuaco people, which indicates, that the Earth is strengthened from the lushness and freshness of trees; in this sense, the activists performed the planting of different types of trees in various regions of the country.

«Planting of trees creates awareness in children to take care of the planet. Secondly, if we, as children, teach them that we must take care of plants (...) if we don’t have plants, we will not have oxygen because of the amount of pollution in the environment» commented Gloria Gonzalez, 5th Grade professor at the Educational Institute of San Mateo in Soacha.

Video-forums to promote the care of Mother Earth

On the other hand, video-forums were developed at educational institutions, which allowed moments of reflection on the actual conditions of planet Earth, which produced a favorable response from students and teachers.

«I was very impressed by what is happening. It makes me happy to know that there are people who are working to help the Earth and what happened in Bornea caught my attention, because of the destruction of its forests. Change starts with us and we should not throw garbage in the streets or in the forests» this was what Jorge Enrique Tovar stated, a 15 year old student from the Educational Institute 7th of August, in Cali, when he attended the event, along other young adults from various parts of the region.  

Robert Perea, who has a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Science added:

«It is interesting to try to generate environmental awareness in students, being that most of the media offers consumerism. Nowadays, students are unaware of this information and such events are a good medium to start changing that concept»

 Actions towards the respect of the Environment

Nature walks, cleaning and decoration of parks, painting of murals, and making crafts were among the reported activities.

We should also mention the active collaboration of community mothers from the San Pablo de Magangué neighborhood alongside activist Dilia Alfaro, who performed a march and cleaning workshop in nearby areas.

Testimonies of Colombian Activists on June 5th

«We have lived through a great experience on this World Environment Day. To feel that it is truly in our hands to care for our Mother Earth, generates great happiness and satisfaction».

Laura Castro, GEAP Coordinator in Fusagasugá.                     

«This work was very rewarding because we saw how every director of institutions, student and activist participated during a day that only a few celebrate, but we are dedicated to give thanks to Mother Earth».

Lisana Vergara, GEAP Coordinator in Santa Marta

Volunteer activists from the regions of Costa Atlantica, the Valle, Meta, the Eje Cafetero, Huila, Tolima, the center and southern of the country, as well as those from the capital city, were the driving force, that on June 5th, wearing one t-shirt, with the color green, identified themselves with the closest LIVING BEING: planet Earth.



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