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 Table six was characterized by presenting papers related to the implementation of techniques for agricultural excellence
Mesa Seis
Panama | access_time October 16 2017
director del Centro de Investigaciones
Well, I thank Dr. Sanchez (he is my friend) for his introduction; and so let's start with an issue that is attracting worldwide attention.
Magda Ivonne
Latin American and Caribbean Association of Food Science and Technology (ALACCTA) COLOMBIA
David Vollmer
  Hola. Thank you Dr. Sanchez. I don’t speak Español but I think he said very nice things about me, and thank you Dr. Solis for your interesting talk on photosynthesis. (Could we move to my...
David Proenza
Good afternoon, I want to thank God for being here before you to speak about “Vertical Farm in controlled environment”. I would like to thank Dr. Lara and her team for making it possible to be here.
Personalities developed their papers under the theme Scientific and ancestral contributions for the preservation of human life.
Vera Bohórquez
Well, it’s going to be difficult after such a real experience, to talk about more theoretical topics; but life is of the two things I think.
Oscar Fernando
[Greetings in Inga dialect] Good afternoon everyone. I am the Taita governor of the Indigenous Cabildo Inga, I am in Bogota, we are from Putumayo; and we are going to speak about Mother Earth.
Specialists developed three themes in the fourth parallel table "Comprehensive health for peace, happiness and preservation of life".
3º mesa sesion ciencia