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Good afternoon. First of all, thank you very much for this invitation, it is also the first time I’m participating in an event of this nature, and I am really delighted with the concepts that I...
[Greeting in Guarani] The translation in the language that colonized us is: From the Paraguayan homeland I bring you, from the bottom of that land, a hug and a handshake! To symbolize the...
CUMIPAZ 2017 proposes democracy as the best current system of governance for integral peace.
Miguel Ángel Chico Herrera
Thank you very much for the invitation. Gabriela Lara, please be the kind conduit in greeting Dr. William Soto Santiago, and truthfully we have missed him; let's hope he’s better, thank you very...
Intervención Alfredo Jiménez
Good Morning. Deputy Quirós just got me in trouble with the presentation he gave of me; that is always one with the problem of living up to the expectations that those presentations generate. Well...
 Experts on the subject spoke about the contributions of the regional blocks for peace and happiness of the human being.
  “The commitment of international organizations in the pursuit of the social, political, economic, and cultural wellbeing of the individual and nations.”
Panama | access_time October 18 2017
The canadian James Matthew Lambert partcipates in CUMIPAZ Panama 2017, Diplomatic, Parlamentary, and Policy Session