Dr. Arturo Solís | Human photosynthesis
director del Centro de Investigaciones

Dr. Arturo Solís | Human photosynthesis

Well, I thank Dr. Sanchez (he is my friend) for his introduction; and so let's start with an issue that is attracting worldwide attention.

Every form of life on Earth depends on the light that comes from the Sun (that's something that I think there is no discussion).

This is a very common scheme where apparently the cycle is explained and we have the chloroplast at the top in green color; and according to that, photosynthesis is made in the chloroplast, that is, the water molecule is dissociated; and most of the energy that is released is used for the fixation of CO2, that is, for the production of glucose; that energy is stored in the covalent bonds of glucose and then, by the mitochondria, theoretically, it is able to recover that energy, deliver it to the cell and the cell then lives.

95% of the reactions that are adduced for these processes are controversial; they are not understood even though, for example, chloroplasts dissociate the water molecule, it was glimpsed 300 years ago and to this day it is not understood, they are complex processes.

So this is also a common diagram of the metabolic pathways, where it is a tangle of arrows, chemical names, addresses that try to explain how life starts from glucose or how life moves. But here it is, 95% of these chemical reactions are controversial, that is, they are more hypothetical than real. And if you have any doubt, here is a researcher who explains it very well, in case you want to go deeper into that topic.

The idea that the cell interacts with the environment and obtains the energy by burning the glucose, oxidizing it, seems to come from Lawassie and Presley, about 300 years ago, and currently, the biology of the human being is believed to be glucose, which is the source of energy, but that's not the case, because if glucose were a source of energy diabetics would fly, and that's not the case, right?

Trying to explain the metabolism of the human body based on glucose as an energy source is full of discrepancies. Here I point out two discrepancies but there are many. For example, Mitchell's chemosmotic theory, although 65 years old, has already been postulated, is still a theory, it has not been proven.

That is why most of the research that is published, the results are false, they are only measuring prevalent biases; and I am not only saying it, there are frequent articles regarding this, the author works at Boston University.

So, beyond the mitochondria, what can be the source of the cell's energy? Let's go back to photosynthesis. Most of the energy that is released in photosynthesis is stored in the dissociation of water, not in the production of glucose; and that is also perceived by Professor Daniel Nocera of MIT.

Then, energy cannot be stored in oxygen. Oxygen is toxic at any concentration, which is why the plant expels it, dissociates the molecule from water and expels oxygen; but he does not expel it for the benefit of us; No, no, oxygen is toxic, nobody wants it. So then what do we have left? Hydrogen, but it is the perfect candidate to store energy; and the reason is simple: hydrogen is the main carrier of energy in the entire universe. Then, there is no way for our body to be different from the laws of the universe. Oh perfect, then it is hydrogen that drives us, perfect.

But hydrogen from where? Well, water, just like plants; 70% of our body is water, well, then we have already decided where to take hydrogen.

Now what follows is: what our chlorophyll? what is the molecule that separates the molecule from water? That would be the question, right? And I have good news for you: I found it (circumstantially, but I found it): melanin is human chlorophyll. If they turn ... well, they do not need to turn around, they see the one in front and they will see the melanin. Melanin is everywhere, now we understand why.

Melanin takes the energy of light and with that energy dissociates the water molecule because it is a very expensive energy process. We have to heat the water to 2000 degrees centigrade to separate its gaseous components. And melanin and chlorophyll do it at room temperature. God is great.

Melanin is everywhere, absolutely everywhere. For example, this is a microphotograph of melanin, taken with a light microscope in my laboratory, with an enlargement of 100x. And this is taken not by me, but it is taken with an astronomical telescope.

So we are talking about a distance of several hundred light years. Melanin forms large masses the size of galaxies in outer space. It would be very lucky that the only habitable planet in the galaxy and the only one where there was melanin, no ... it would be like winning the lottery a hundred thousand times in a row without buying.

Well, then the story is that I started a descriptive observational study in 1990 about the three main causes of blindness in the world, because they are the same: glaucoma, diabetes and macular degeneration. People have been losing their sight for 60 years or more for the same reason, for the same reason. That means that the treatments are not working.

Then I said: "Well, I'm going to see if I can find something that will allow me to improve that ...", because I am an ophthalmologist and I was anguished to see that my patients, despite my best efforts, were losing their vision.

Then my working hypothesis was to study the anatomical characteristics of the blood vessels of the optic nerve, and try to find some detail that could serve as an indicator of early disease.

But a few weeks after starting the study I had to include melanin, because in the 6000 patients I saw in those twelve years, they all had melanin in the vicinity of the optic nerve (this is the optic nerve and those are the optical nerve vessels).

That is the optic nerve, which is very small in humans: twelve hairs put together. It is very tiny, you have to magnify it; but at these magnifications (which are very beautiful) melanin is clearly visible.

Then it was twelve years of searching in literature, doing experiments, in short, observing, observing; until I understood what melanin does in our body: it dissociates the water molecule. This is a change in biology, it is a conceptual revolution of biblical proportions. We have to unlearn everything we have learned and rethink biology. But then, my goodness! we have something to do over the next 5000 years.

But melanin is thousands of times more efficient than chlorophyll; because chlorophyll dissociates the molecule irreversibly, because it expels oxygen, but melanin does not. Melanin dissociates it and reforms it, and for every two molecules of water that are reformed, four high-energy electrons are generated. Then this explains the origin of life, finally.

This is a scheme to explain the process: we have the Sun in the center, then liquid water in the upper part, then the dissociated water on its right and the reformed water on its left. That is, hydrogen is a gas and oxygen is a gas.

So the process is like this: This is the true engine of the eucharistic cell. It is the one that provides energy. Energy, by the way, is defined as everything that produces a change.

Then our body, of food, of glucose, takes the carbon chains with which it replenishes the organic matter that makes us up: nail, hair, what they tell me, is organic matter. And the body from food forms them, replenishes them, throws them, ... But the energy that is needed is taken from the light, like the plants, hence the name of human photosynthesis.

This is a scheme, because melanin, to separate the water molecule, requires a time that is between the nanos and the picoseconds, the process is very fast, it seems like a continuum.

So these lights that you see have been lit with melanin since 2005. So melanin expands our reality because then we have a choice in energy. I think energy is running out, right? Well, here we have batteries that can last thousands of years; because melanin is the most stable substance known.

It has been known for 200 years that squid ink is melanin and has been found in good condition in the ink sacks of fossilized squid that have died 170 million years ago. So, when I say that these batteries last 500 years, I'm being humble, really, I'm being very humble, because I could say 170 million years, it has been proven.

So that is the reason why we find melanin everywhere; and its function is the same: energy, energy, energy ... And some researchers said: Well, but why is melanin everywhere? Well, it's the way that living beings get the energy to boost their processes. Even in plants it is the same, it is not different, nothing more than having melanin in their stem. Have you noticed that the color of the stem is very similar ... [the speaker shows his hand from the top], because that's where the water molecule is dissociated and reformed, which explains the changes suffered by the sap, the climbs, the descents.

This ... believe me, melanin expands our reality. Melanin releases energy symmetrically, in all directions, in the form of growing spheres; one sphere has dissociated water, another sphere has reformed water and so on; One and one, one and one, that's how it works. And blood cannot transport energy, it cannot.

Blood transports metabolic intermediates and CO2, because blood cannot transform oxygen either ... we are going to find many errors in the biology of the human being, but very well.

For example, the source of energy of the central nervous system is this part called the nigra substance and locus ceruleus, which is where most of the melanin is. When this part is hurt ... because the way in which energy is generated and distributed from melanin is amazingly accurate; then it is altered ... For example, with contaminated water, instead of doing this [he moves his hands crossing his fingers in continuous movements] it begins to do this [moves his hands clasping the tips of his fingers and separating them again, as if repelled]. With contaminated air, with pesticides, with herbicides, with fertilizers, with metals; then the body goes into imbalance the more energy is has and it cannot work well. Even though he has done so for millions of years, millions of times, it cannot. When photosynthesis is not adequate, when photosynthesis is not the same as it has been during evolution, during creation, something happens.

So here we have the ... how it nourishes the brain, because the substance nigra is around here; and when this is damaged, it happens the same as in any system: when the energy levels go down, the mass tends to fall; and that is what we see. For example, in brain atrophy, we have ... when the energy levels are adequate, the mass of the brain is adequate. In the middle, when the levels are half affected it begins to atrophy the brain, and when they are very bad the brain tends to disappear, they call this Alzheimer; but hey, in the end it's ...

The location of melanin in the main one is in the perinuclear space, and that explains the energy of the cell nucleus; because it turns out that the nucleus of the cell has no mitochondria and it does not have ATP, and nobody has noticed. And well, and the energy from where? The largest organelle.

So, summarizing, this is what happens in plants: from liquid to gas and it is chlorophyll, but in humans it is melanin.

And here, from liquid to gas and from gas to liquid; and that's when, for every two molecules of water that are reformed we have four high-energy electrons.

So, to finish, we can say that energy generated by melanin makes its environments enter an energized state which can perform work; the energy that comes from melanin explains all cellular functions, explains the origin of life.

Well, this is very interesting: at five weeks of age the eye of the fetus is completely melancholy, which is very interesting, because books say that the melanin in the eye only serves us to have a good image (such as cameras, which are painted black).

But I doubt that at five weeks of age a fetus requires good vision, rather it is absorbing the light that passes through the abdominal wall, the abdominal wall. It is transforming it into energy to nourish the tissues that are rapidly growing, because 99% of the amniotic fluid is water, now I understand. And that's why the metabolism of embryonic cells resembles the metabolism of cancer cells, their conditions are special, they are growing fast, fast, fast, just like cancer cells. But we put the system in balance and the body begins to work well, as it has done millions of years, millions of times.

I believe that I will end here and I thank you for your attention.


But I would like to take one more minute. What practical uses can this knowledge be given? How can this knowledge be used for normal people? How do people get access to melatonin to recover disease or aging processes?

Dr. Solís

To begin, tell me: who here is normal? No, it's not true. [Laughter]

In reality, pollution has us trapped; and when the body goes into imbalance, everyone will get sick in their own way. The name of the disease does not matter, the body ignores that, it is simply in imbalance. We put it in balance with a formula that I developed several decades ago (I do not even mention it because I did not come here to sell anything, I just came to spread knowledge, but with that formula (which are a few drops below the tongue), 30 seconds after the body begins to balance itself, and when it regains its balance the very body checks itself and finds everything that is happening, it has done so for millions of years, millions of times, it knows how to make it perfect, but it has to be in balance, because that's how evolution was, that's how the creation was.

I did not have time but I was going to present cases of Alzheimer's that have recovered. Alzheimer's is no longer incurable, we already understood what the problem is. And as the name of the disease does not matter: Huntington, Parkinson's, liver cirrhosis, pulmonary fibrosis, anyway ... It turns out that this is a new era in medicine, because medicine has become excessively complex and expensive; and the body is not like that. I think that God did not make diseases for the benefit of doctors or pharmacists, no, no; simply that contamination is terrible and it affects us all; and we declare each one in his own way, some get sick from here, others from there. Well, it's like a drunk person, where are they going to fall? God knows. It is the same for the body, it goes into imbalance and where is it going to go? It depends on many things, age, sex, weight, size, skin color, anyway ...