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CUMIPAZ 2017 | Comprehensive health for the peace of the human family

Science Session / Panama  |  Table 4
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The fourth table was installed as part of the session Science of CUMIPAZ 2017 – Panama, to reorient values for the good use of technical knowledge of indigenous, scientific, technological and ancestral knowledge, based on the respect of rights and human dignity, and in accordance with the rights of Mother Earth.

With the presence of the spiritual leader of the Kogui people, Arregoces Coronado Zarabata, Rollin McCraty, Executive Vice President and Research Director of HeartMath Institute and Marcos Bilibio for the Ecopsychology Society of America, Brazil developed the activity under the theme "peace, happiness, and preservation of life.”

Pedro Marques Cunha, regional representative of the main groups and stakeholders of the United Nations for the environment, Latin America and the Caribbean, participated as moderator of this space of analysis and reflection.

Rollin McCraty, from the HeartMath Institute in the United States, began the dialogue with the presentation "The Global Consistency Initiative: What is it, why is it important and the role it plays in creating a better world”.

In his conference, Mcraty stated: "The initiative is a scientific foundation with global partnerships, which will actually help unite the entire world and positively attempt to facilitate global awareness and stability to maintain a cooperative advance with a lasting peace; a collaboration towards peace".


Rollin McCraty
Director of the Scientific Research Team, HeartMath Institute (USA)

For his part, Marco Bilibio was in charge of the theme "New proposals in Psychology for the integral harmony of the human being". The representative of the HeartMath said that the concept of Ecopsychology has a critical point of view, regarding what happens in the relationship between the human being and nature.

Arregocés Coronado Zarabata, spiritual leader of the Kogui people, indicated that human societies are responsible for caring for Mother Earth and must conserve water as a source of life.

"We have to maintain the balance of nature. We consider that she is like a Mother, we must take care of her, maintain her and value her, "said Coronado Zarabata.

The fourth parallel table ended with a session of questions and answers.


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