Sergio Muñoz Gajardo

President of the Supreme Court of Chile

Lawyer of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso has complemented his academic training courses and seminars in different areas of law.

Chairman of the Student Center Department of Social Welfare of the Law School at the Catholic University of Valparaiso, 1978- first semester of 1979. Author of the rules of procedure and creator of the program of benefit delivery to students of the Law School at the Catholic University of Valparaiso, by the Department of Social Welfare Center of Students of the same school, 1978.

Incumbent Judge of the Twelfth Criminal Court of Santiago, July 15, 1994. Rapporteur of the Supreme Court, March 1, 1996.

Head Rapporteur of the Supreme Court. March 1, 1996. Minister of the Supreme Court of Santiago. December 19, 1998. Head Minister of the Supreme Court. October 2005.

Professor of various courses of the training program, refinement and qualification for the position of Minister, given by the Judicial Academy since 1999.

Published Articles: Rootedness. Judge’s Journal Nº 6, First Semester 1988. Legislative Technique and Criminal Law. Law Gazette Nº 195. September 1966.

Limitation of Sovereignty guaranteed by the Courts. Essential Rights Stemming from Human Nature Article 5º of the Constitution. Journal of the Chile Bar Association Nº 24. September 1977. Law Gazette Nº 216. June 1998.

Published Books: Background Appeals, ex officio, in civil matters. Catholic University of Valparaiso, 1984. Rapporteurs Practical Guide for Judicial Studies Institute and National Association of Magistrates, 1993. Retroactive Application of the Law 19.450 y 19.501. Jurisprudence of the Supreme Court. Faults of the Month Editorial. 1999.




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