Claudio Zin

Senator of Italy

Doctor, Specialist in Nephrology, Internal Medicine and Forensic Medicine

Claudio Zin is known mainly for his medical contributions in numerous television programs. He arrived in Argentina at age 5 and returned with his family to Italy at 15, to live in Milan, until he finally settled in the country.

He was a graphic consultant for El Cronista Comercial.

He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the UBA in 1969, then specialized in the branches of Nephrology, Internal Medicine and Legal Medicine.

He trained as a specialist in the Clinical Hospital of the UBA. He was a plant doctor and head of various public and private services and, in the seventies, he served as visiting professor at the Mayo Clinic in the USA.

It had been part of his time after the team of professionals of the prestigious Cardiovascular Institute of Buenos Aires (ICBA). According to Clarín and according to the health journalist Héctor De la Fuente in an information published in a newspaper of the NOA; Then the Blog Latidos de Periodismo de Salud ranked him as one of the best known in the country in radio and television in a country where doctors and journalists do not abound.

He was director of the Hypertension Council of the Argentine Society of Cardiology. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Argentine Cardiology Foundation of the Argentine Society of Cardiology and director of the health programs of the Educando Foundation.

He is senator of the Italian Republic, representing the Italians residing in South America, was elected on February 24, 2013 and holds the position from March 7 of the same year.

In 1998, he was awarded the Host Prize for his contribution to dissemination on the prevention and care of people with the AIDS virus.In December 2011, they distinguished him in the Malvinas Argentinas Party by placing the name "Claudio Zin" on a children's hospital, located in the town of Pablo Nogués, Municipality of Malvinas Argentinas, Buenos Aires.

In October 2012, he was given the Martin Fierro honorific cable, for his 25 years of experience in this medium (silver wedding).In 2012, the Argentine Society of Medical Journalism (Sapem), presided over by the oncologist Mario Bruno, awarded Zin an honorary membership and since 2014 has been part of the international committee of this medical journalism society that has expanded beyond Argentina.


Chile (2015):

He spoke during the Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session at the Thirdr Panel - Theme: "Dialogue and negotiation as fundamental tools for strengthening peace and sustainable development."