Ulises Antonio Piche | Ancestral health and medicine
Ulises Antonio Piche

Ulises Antonio Piche | Ancestral health and medicine

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Ulises Antonio Piche

Nahuat Pipil Dancer representative of the Tepectunal spiritual group

(El Salvador)

Good afternoon and we can say, I am going to take the liberty to do something that we the peoples always do and it is to ask permission to the Great mystery, to the Nahual of this day, to be able to share with all of you. [BLOWS HORN and speaks in native tongue] ...and my nickname is Ulises Piche. I come from a country on the other side of the river that is known in my language as Cuscatlán, today we say El Salvador.

And we ask permission here, to the shipper of this Nahual day and you in the land of chibuleo to be able to share the word. For us the word is Sacred and therefore we do not like to talk much either. When we speak, we are going to talk about the fact because I really liked the presentation of the brother [IN ENGLISH: Very good presentation.] because talks about the different processes of nature, the different combinations.

We indigenous peoples know that and we also know that Mother Earth is a living being, we are aware of that, and also that, like all bodies, you in your hand, although it is part of your body, you do not have the same energy as you have in your feet; Mother Earth is the same, that's why different plants and animals that exist throughout America.

We, for example, are in the center and we have always been a step culture, right? So here there has always been a great exchange, and that is also why we, through the teachings, receive this, through the plants of knowledge, through the plants of power (because that is a very difficult subject to deal with, with modern culture) because the first thing that comes to mind, since that is how you have been conditioned, is to say: “You are talking about psychotropic plants, ukulele plants to get in the mood.” (Well, let me tell you, no!).

In order for us to use these beings, we always do a ceremony, we always do their ritual, because I also liked what the other brother said: "Everything has an order;" nature has an order and to be able to access these beings, an order is required, and for that we have taitas, we have shamans that are so by birth, through their nahual, they are already genetically prepared for that, because I liked when today we are talking about frequency, talking about energies.

For example, under my Mayan birth calendar, I am [ORIGINAL LANGUAGE]; I am already my genetics with that information. So, what grandparents have done, they have given me plants of power, plants of wisdom to be able to increase that and most importantly, to be able to access the information that we all carry in our DNA. Because it has been scientifically proven that everything you have been, that everything from your family tree has been and will be in your DNA; because through a piece of my hair they can make a clone of me, if we have the technology, or is it not so?

So, we in our Anahuac culture (because we also had a time that we belonged in the Anahuac), there is a being that we know as the great Lord Xochipilli, if we are speaking in Mexica language, and suchipillin in Náhuatl pipil language. This gentleman is sitting cross-legged and has flowers on his body and on the pedestal he is sitting on. All these flowers are what we call power plants, knowledge plants.

Why do we call them that? (Is the question), now ask yourself, how is it that we indigenous people have had access, how have we known for what purpose there is a determined plants, a determined animal. Or how is it that we can feel the energies? Because I, as a dancer, can feel the energies of the place through my feet when... that's why I like to walk barefoot, and I was in Tenochtitlán and it's not the same energy as in ***.

That is why we cannot use their Nagua calendar, because it is not the same energy, it is not the same. And anyone who has been in El Salvador, especially in San Salvador, and goes to Tenochtitlan will know what I am talking about and that is due to the energy of the place; people say: "The weather." No! It is energy, everything is energy and today I saw a character who said it very clearly, “Everything is energy, frequency and vibration”; we indigenous people know that this is so and everything is an order.

That's why Grand Chief Seattle also told the white man: "You cannot touch a stone without altering a star." Someone said it earlier, everything is connected, we are therefore collective beings, because we know that to say that you are an individual being, look: I am individual! Look: I'm individual! If I am a set of millions of cells just to form this body, they are thousands and thousands of millions, so how do you believe the lie that you are individual?

Second, if I do something (someone said it earlier), it will come back to me; we have a plastic continent. What is Mother Earth doing, Mother Nature through its hurricanes, through its four elements? It is returning everything to us. I have that awareness. That is why we indigenous peoples can say that we never contaminate Mother Earth; but because we acquire that knowledge, we acquire that consciousness. Because if you have no consciousness, it is pointless for me to be in front of you here and talking about a million things. If it’s coming in through one ear and it's coming out the other.

If you do not become aware that fire burns and you have to touch it, if you do not do that, you will never know if it is going to burn and everything is like that, everything is a fact, that is why the Sacred walking of the indigenous is the fact and that's why we do not like to talk much.

Here for me, it is a sacrifice that I am making, because yesterday I spoke a lot at night and we do it as we like it, in a "sacred circle" because we share there. Because for me, being here is to be dying just talking, and without you? In worrying about your questions, about your doubts; or what they want to tell me, because there are things that I do not know, because I do not know everything.

Because the human being maintains the relative truth, right? And that is why we exchange in this "sacred circle," we share; and we started to exchange a lot of ideas, for example what the brother of the people who suffer from the heart said.

For example, when I return to my country I have to go find a flower to help a friend's mother to heal her heart; because he is an indigenous grandfather of Nahuizalco, he shared that knowledge with me, that this flower heals the heart of any evil and we know it as: carnation, right? That’s very important.

The mixture of juices also, because the problem is when the human being talks about medicinal plants just think about plants, no! If medicine is everything: juices, combinations, and talking to Xochipilli again.

Because today I am going to deal with a very difficult subject for us indigenous people and it is to speak about the plants of power, of the plants of wisdom. And why do we call it that? Because they are the ones that activate parts of your brain that would normally take you hundreds of years to practice meditation, going into deep prayer to activate that part of the brain.

Because today, thank God, through computers, your brain is a great computer that has thousands of programs; the problem is that you as a human being do not have the capacity to access a certain part of the brain, because it requires  great sacrifice.

So we make quantum leaps through the plants of power and they save us time, hundreds of years practicing meditation for me to be able to access that part of my brain and be able to activate or download that frequency, and harmonize with it and open myself to the universe. Because it has already been proven that not only does this dimension exist, there is the fourth, the fifth and beyond.

Then to us, the plants of knowledge give us that access, activating my pineal gland, activating part of my brain; and it allows me to access what we call the celestial internet, they understand it as the internet. With this gadget you download the software and have access, the power plants do the same, they allow you, they download that software they temporarily install it in your brain, they activate it and you access it there.

I'm telling you because it was my turn, and it was my turn to do it when I was older, because I returned to my culture when I was older. I was born in San Salvador, I grew up in San Salvador, I went to another country and lived in a big city, in Austin, Texas, and from there I came back here; but I came with a specific purpose and I started to climb this mountain, that's why we called it: "Tepec tuna" because there we went up barefoot and after fasting, we were going to make our songs, our prayer *** that we have of Mother Earth, and there we did our ceremony.

Of course, we managed to see certain things until I was told to go up at night; but being there on that mountain they told me to prepare because I had to go down to the south; and it happens that as I also... there are people that work for peace and dignity, I ran with them, I ran to Salvador. Because they travel from the north and the other group from the south comes up and they meet in a specific service and this time it was Panama in 2008, so I had to go down there and that's where the medicine arrived, it arrived *** I tried it and that was crazy (I cannot describe it in any other way, excuse me).

It was total openness, I connect with my Nahual, we have Nahual because it is not the same to dream as it is to experience, it made me live that. And that gave me more openness, more opening; 2009 went to Tiwanaku, Bolivia for “The Seventh Meeting of Spiritual Guides of the Continent” (I was only an observer) then the same thing happened to me; they gave me the medicine and grand opening too.

Then I became a dancer, at my 47 years of age I started to dance -hard- because the ancestral dance is a ceremony and connects your body with the telluric energy but also with the cosmic energy, and your receiver being. And the first time you dance, the next day you wake up like you've been beaten; but it's because your body cannot stand so much energy. Later, with time you will harmonize, because everything is a matter of harmony, everything is a matter of vibration.

And we also, sometimes we feel sad, we feel sad when the human being says, “We have to look for peace.” But how are you going to find peace, if you feed on pain and everything is mathematical? You cannot give what you do not have, you cannot give what you do not receive; and if I feed off of pain, like pain, how can I give love? If my interior is a swirl of problems, of worries, it is a great emotional energy imbalance.

How am I going to have peace and then how can I give peace, that is why we are always saying: "Look inside and stop looking outside," and we are also told something very important by humanity, and already speaking spiritually mature; and it already lives all the knowledge that you already have, you do not want anymore, you were given what was necessary and now you start to live it, but start to see inside of you (because everything you see reflected outside is a reflection of your interior) and if you see that society is bad, that humanity is bad, it is because of the way you are inside. Change it! Because only then will the world change.

Enter in peace and harmony, but you cannot enter in peace and harmony if you do not have consciousness, if you do not become aware that you are not conscious. Or have you remembered, if you woke up at 3 in the morning, what your first thought was, or what is the first thing you did, or I can ask you: What did you do a year ago at this same time? And where were you? Do you remember? No! Are you aware? No! That is the fact, we are not aware, we say we are conscious but we are not.

So then, medicinal plants create that, they give you a temporary awareness so that you yourself ... because the taita tells me it's 50 and 50, the power of the plant, the wisdom of the plant is going to open a portal and it's going to teach you who you really are. Because it cost me a lot, to stop thinking that I am this body, because in fact this body is of Mother Earth, it is not me; I am a spirit and you have been told that we are a living man living a spiritual experience when it is the opposite, even in that they have lied to you. You are a spirit living a human experience and when you give this body to Mother Earth, where are you going? It’s up to you to find out

They already showed it to me, I've already been around and I've seen so many other things. We are also seeing the great changes that Mother Earth is making. Because another thing that the human being has not become aware of, is that we have entered a New Era; they even made a film called "Apocalypse of 2012" and nobody realized that we indigenous people never said that it was the end of the world, it was the end of a Great Era, because the Mayans are counting time.

And what we human beings also do not realize is that just as there are four seasons on the planet Earth, there are four seasons in the Cosmo; and 2012 ended a cosmic season, ended the cosmic winter, which in the East is known as the age of Kali Yuga, the aberrant materialism, the abhorrent atheism was completed on December 21, 2012.

And we indigenous people made a celebration, we here in Leo isthmus and in my land, there in Cuscatlán, we celebrated the famous chilaquil antun, because it was the closing of what our grandparents told us, that 500 years of darkness would come, but after that 500 years of darkness the light returned,”and they also left us saying that we indigenous peoples in these times, humanity were going to start looking for us.

Because we have paid with blood, with 100 million indigenous people who died here in the continent, to be able to preserve this knowledge, and everything for what? To be delivered to humanity, because it was not preserved for us, it was preserved for all of you, why? Because you are also part of us, because you are also our brothers and sisters.

So, we have to share and deliver this, that's why I'm here, sharing with you; telling you that we are in a New Age where we are in the time of the spirit, where we are in the time of light, but it depends on each one of you. There you are as individuals, because you have holy free will. I cannot tell you what you have to do and if I do I am violating your holy free will and therefore they will charge me for doing so, because I am aware of what I cannot do, so they add more  *** to me; and all that has to do with the plants of power, the plants of knowledge.

This is how we indigenous peoples have the ability to go a little further, high technology is no longer... but if you read, for example, the *** ,go to the prophecies. How some ignorant beings with loincloths were able to predict what is happening today? They spoke of the great contamination that we are doing to Mother Earth, all the genetic experiments, all the poison that we are receiving through the air, through what we eat, through what we drink.

Because the water is deliberately polluted, because water is a big business; the crisis of humanity is not going to be the lack of oil, the crisis of humanity is the lack of water. And since everything is business, then you have to monopolize the water and that is what big companies are doing, the transnationals.

Let us become aware of that also because they already started doing it, they know that they are already buying the lakes, they are buying the rivers and they want to buy the big reserves; or look to what is happening there in Argentina, we are also aware of all that, because the plants of knowledge are also pointing out all this and the great changes that are already approaching.

Did you know the Sun will soon throw us another great energy field? Because the Sun is doing that, because it is a living being and is the one that maintains and sustains and gives life to Mother Earth, that is the fact. If we turn off the Sun the life of the whole solar system is over, because tonatiu indi gives it life and gives me life too.

That's why we are happy to dance in the Sun and it has never given us cancer, I have spent a whole day under the Sun (the changes for tanning all day), but that has never happened, because it is a lie.

Then each one of you has to find that truth, someone left you saying: "The truth will set you free," but I cannot give you my truth, because it is for me. So there, yes, each one of you has to check you have to verify that truth and let us stop living lies; because unfortunately the great majorities have allowed a small group, a small elite to destroy everything, is contaminating everything. We know who they are. It's up to you to find out, we know who those beings are  and what is happening; and that's why they also tried to exterminate us, because they had that awareness that we were going to be the stone in the shoe, but thank God that time ended.

And that's why I say to you: Eat healthy; seek… because today, thanks to God, in social networks there is everything there possibly could be. What I'm talking to you about is nothing new, this is, that information is there. I am simply repeating something that was already said much earlier, because someone said out there: "Nothing new shines under the sun." I am repeating something that has already been repeated a long, long, long time.

But unfortunately we as human beings have fallen back into the same mistakes of the past, of other cultures that preceded us; we are making the same mistakes unfortunately. And if we do not amend the damage that we are doing to Mother Earth, therefore the damage that we are doing to ourselves, she is going to pass the bill to us; we have to be aware of that.

And I also thank you that you, as children of Mother Earth are there fighting for her, knowing and becoming aware that she is a living being is, more alive than us. Because we are not her only children, she has other children that she also has to take care of and protect; and we are the spoiled child and in the end that spoiled child, he does not behave will disappear to make way for a new generation.

Because Mother Earth always does that, extinguished the dinosaurs, did they cease to exist because of that? No! Creation of new beings. Mother Nature always does that too. We indigenous people are very aware of that and because of that, at the cost of blood, of many sacrifices, we have fulfilled the mandates that were left to us because of many sacrifices, because they left us mandates and we knew that we would pay dearly; but thank God we fulfilled to the Great Mystery; we have reached this crossroads and we are here to serve all of you.

If you want to share you are welcome, because we in our dance circle, there are whites, because in the Mexica dance circles people who are not of their own culture are not allowed. We do allow, because we already know that it is our turn to open ourselves to everyone, because if all of us don’t take conscience, what benefit is it for only me? If I am going to be the only conscious being that is going to be here and we will see that we are all going to die, because I am also going to realize all of this, we all need to become aware.

And that's why I thank you for being here, aware that Mother Earth is a living being but let's also get together, strengthen ourselves and the most importantly: [IN ENGLISH] Practice what you preach. [IN SPANISH] Practice what you preach, start first with your food, right? Because I've seen little things here.

Do you know that sugar is highly addictive? Much more addictive than cocaine. I stopped eating sugar and I have shot my liver and kidneys, because I cut it off, because I started eating sugar at age 7 and now imagine at 50 years of age making that big cut. My body was shot. I had to fast for 4 days to be able to purify myself and after that I had to drink yagé to be clean to be able to sustain myself. That is why I tell you, become aware of what you eat, what you drink, what you breathe and we can make a better world.


Thank you very much Mr. Ulysses for this enthusiastic presentation. With your heart, we can feel it with our hearts.

I think, due to the time, it’s sad but it’s the truth, we are not able to ask questions now, but I’m going to try to end by summarizing what we shared together today. People can approach the speakers later.

I want to say that this science presented today, not only spoken, but also felt, is not a fragmented science, it is an integral science that we greatly need to construct peace. That knowledge shows us that our heart is physically, emotionally, intellectually, energetically, concretely, transcendentally connected to the heart of the Mother Earth and to the hearts of all the beings of the earthly family.

Therefore, taking care of our health means taking care of these links, breaking the fantasy of separation, of which all the speakers spoke of in different ways, and that professor Dr. McCarty taught us, caring for the three interior ecologies, individual, social, and planet ecology in consonant with the thought of Dr. Soto; then all this is necessary to build peace, because our hearts bring us, as some indigenous peoples say. We were told in different ways that there are portals, in the construction of our reality and as Dr. Juan Antonio Benedi tells us, a necessary portal for the broadening of consciousness for our deep aspects of our personality to come to manifest in fruition in full creativity; a portal as Dr. Frank and Dr. Alexandra told us that may take us to solidarity, with creativity, and competence to do what is necessary when open to compassion; as Dr. Nick Burttner also pointed out, ways to reach longevity but our heart needs to dare to change, listening to wisdom practices.

To conclude, our heart with a portal, as our brother told us, as he calls us and I also call you as a well; a place to meet (and my emotion comes) I believe in a science that we can accept our emotions, there is nothing like feeling the conflicts, the challenges of our Mother Earth, of our humanity, being a mother, being a woman, being a sister, it makes me emotional.

So I wish as a sister to the other indigenous people and also with all of us that are together, with our tools, that our heart is a place to meet with love, to build peace.

Thank you very much. Sorry for all the excitement.