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Scientific and ancestral advances for the health of humanity

Science Session / Guatemala
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In the Science Session of CUMIPAZ 2018, professionals from the area of ​​physical and mental health developed the first main topic "Scientific and alternative advances for the preservation of the life of human beings.”

In this space for dialogue, the speakers presented scientific, technological, and innovative research, as well as the promotion of ancestral knowledge as an alternative vision for the preservation of life.

The lecture series began with the talk: "Intelligent heart: Knowing, feeling, and training the science of the heart," by Juan Antonio López Benedí, General Director of the Institute of Education in values.

In his speech, Lopez assured:

"You can see a connection between creativity and the intelligence of the heart; through this means, we find a bridge and the possibility of articulating the feelings, the emotions, the primary impulse (which would come from the gut) and its rational objectification.”

During his participation, the scientist, cardiologist, and founder of Kardiozentrum, Franz Freudenthal, presented the conference: "Innovative solutions to cure congenital heart disease"

Freudenthal presented the approaches that emerged based on statistics that showed that 50% of patients suffer from congenital heart disease.

"It is through our solutions that we will be able to reach peace"


Franz Freudenthal
Scientist, Cardiologist. Founder of Kardiozentrum (Bolivia)

In harmony with Mother Earth

"Ancestral Health and Medicine" was the topic developed by the representative of the spiritual group Tepectunalde El Salvador, Ulises Antonio Piche; during his participation he stated:

"I am grateful that you, as children of Mother Earth, are fighting for her, reaching awareness that she is a being more alive than we are.”


Nick Buettner, Director of the Community and Corporate Program, Blue Zones, explained the project: "Blue Zones that keep the secret of longevity," an initiative that offers well-being for the entire community and that positively impacts people's health.

During his presentation, Buettner commented that in many communities in the United States good results have been obtained with the application of the longevity recipe.

“In California, childhood obesity has dropped by 60% in 6 years, which means that children are growing healthier."

Nick Buettner
Community and Corporate Program Director, Blue Zones (USA)

The Science Session was held with the purpose of integrating, synchronizing, and promoting alternative knowledge based on universal principles and values, human rights, and Mother Earth, through actions applied to the fundamental pillars of society, to achieve the integral peace of the family human.


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