Vivian González is the new ALIUP Pro-tempore SecretariatGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Vivian González is the new ALIUP Pro-tempore Secretariat

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In order to hold the annual Assembly of the International Alliance of Universities for Peace (ALIUP) and elect the new pro tempore secretariat, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), brought together rectors and academics at the Metropolitan University of Education, Science and Technology (UMECIT).

The pro tempore secretariat is a strategic ally of the ALIUP. This position is held by one of the member universities and is elected annually by a simple majority of the vote.

In November 2014, Hermelinda Alvarenga, vice-rector of the Nihon Gakko University was chosen for this position and held functions until October 2017. During her period, she carried out an outstanding work for a culture of peace-oriented to the development of professional competencies based on principles and universal and spiritual values.


At the opening ceremony, José Alberto Nieto Rojas, rector of the Metropolitan University of Education, Science, and Technology (UMECIT) of Panama, welcomed all those present and expressed that it is a commitment to train citizens in this modern world, but it can be achieved through the sowing of values.

Alvarenga in her participation reported that 191 universities are currently part of the ALIUP and that more than 300 lectures have been given in educational institutions in different countries.

After reading the requirements of the representative of the pro tempore secretariat, as well as their responsibilities and duties, the universities that applied were:

  • IVES University (Mexico) Doctor of Education, Carlos Luna Escudero
  • Magister University (Costa Rica) Rector Vivían Gonzáles Trejo
  • ITSA University (Colombia) Solomon Consuegra

Then, the vote was taken and counted. Vivian González Trejo, rector of the Magister University of Costa Rica, won the majority of the vote and will assume the position as secretary of the ALIUP for a year.

The director general of the GEAP, Gabriela Lara congratulated the new secretary and stressed that the country that has worked with the ALIUP since its inception is Mexico, who has supported the different projects from the universities.

"The alliance talks about the construction of a culture of peace and we know that between all the universities, we will achieve it", he concluded.

Gabriela Lara
General Director of the GEAP

Vivian González Trejos invited the representatives of the universities to work as a team and strengthen the work that GEAP has been doing through education.



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