Venezuela: “We must retake the culture of indigenous peoples”Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Venezuela: “We must retake the culture of indigenous peoples”


International Day of Indigenous Peoples

In honor of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Venezuela coordinated activities in different regions of the country, with the aim of highlighting the importance these communities have for the restoration of Mother Earth and in defense of her rights and ancestral knowledge.

The celebration carried out under the International Program Children of Mother Earth, allowed the GEAP volunteers to spread the knowledge of these peoples who have lived for hundreds of years in harmony with nature.

With the visit to an indigenous community and various media, the Activists for Peace in the states of Anzoategui, Carabobo, Lara and the region of Los Llanos were part of this initiative proposed by the GEAP.

tribu ayaman
Musicians descendants of the Yamana Tribe

Celebration with the Ayaman people

In Moroturo municipality of Urdaneta of the Lara state, the Activists visited the Ayaman community, cultural heritage of this region. This tribe is made up of 320 persons, who celebrated their day with the dance of Las Turas, accompanied by native instruments.

Alejandro Perozo, captain of the indigenous community; Neomari Taborda Perozo, second ayaman queen; the chief shaman Juan de Dios Baldallo; Orlando Perozo, musical director; the rest of the members of this community and the Activists for Peace attended the event.

The Las Turas dance is a ceremonial dance that aims to thank for the abundance of Mother Nature. During this get-together, volunteers appreciated the way of life of this community, their customs, language, traditions and the way they preserve the environment.

Socialization Day of indigenous peoples

Media visit

With the participation of a representative of the Kariña indigenous people, the Activists for Peace from the state of Anzoategui attended the radio station RK 94.9 FM, where they talked about the celebration and the importance of strengthening citizen cooperation to solve the problems these communities currently face.

In the state of Carabobo, volunteers from the municipalities of Libertador, Naguanagua and Valencia met at the Radioemisora Manantial 92.7 FM to demonstrate that indigenous peoples are among the most vulnerable localities and that is why the international community is working to take measures to maintain your culture.

In the Cojedes, Portuguesa and Barinas states, volunteers visited different audiovisual and print media, where they informed citizens that indigenous peoples have inherited and practice cultures and unique ways of relating to people and the environment. (See: List of media that participated in the celebration of the International Day of the Indigenous People)

The GEAP in Venezuela has scheduled activities for this month of August, on the occasion of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples in the states Anzoategui, Bolivar and the region of Los Andes.


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