Universal language unites cultures for peace: International Symphonic ConcertGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Universal language unites cultures for peace: International Symphonic Concert


CUMIPAZ 2016 introduced the Peace Integration Symphonic Concert within the framework of the Inaugural Gala to welcome authorities and personalities from different countries, and to benefit the Recycled Instruments Orchestra of Cateura.

Artistic expressions from Latin American culture and folklore were presented at the Municipal Theater Ignacio A. Pane in Asuncion by using music as a universal language; with the participation of musicians and singers from Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Chile and Paraguay.

The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), institution that organizes CUMIPAZ, made this event as part of the Summit’s social responsibility and at the same time, to promote the importance of music as a tool for peace, happiness and integral development of humanity.

During the concert, the GEAP presented the international project “The power of music for the peace and happiness of the integral human being”, new musical model to promote conscious and reflective consumption of music, as well as responsible music production and performance.
The event was hosted by Congresswoman Cinthia Tarago; the program included the participation of the Symphony Orchestra of the GEAP (OSEMAP), Orchestra of Cateura, Ñambuy (Bolivian musical group), the Folkloric ballet of the Municipality of Asuncion, and the presentation of "King of clay".
Attendees were delighted with musical and artistic programming, at the same time, they contributed by purchasing an admission ticket.  Also, companies from Paraguay and other countries made sponsorship and contributions to this cause.
Latin American entrepreneurs’, politicians, parliamentarians and diplomats from different countries who will participate in CUMIPAZ 2016, were present at the concert.
The collection of donations will continue for the duration of the Summit and the total amount will be delivered in the presence of a notary public at the events closing act. 
At the end of the concert, CEO of GEAP, and president of CUMIPAZ, William Soto Santiago, was recognized for his international work towards peace and the defense of human rights through the Declaration (273 / 2016- 2017) issued by the Chamber of Senate of the Multi-national State of Bolivia, and delivered by Senator Ciro Zabala.

The world sends us garbage, we give back music

The Cateura Orchestra conquered the audience with an extraordinary and touching participation, evidencing that not having does not mean you cannot perform. The group established a world leadership in the way of making music, and also demonstrates the scope of this art and its influence on the welfare of humanity.

Among the pieces presented:

  • Nachtmusik (Adapted for Recycled instruments) - Mozart

    Spring (Fragment, Adaptation) - Vivaldi

    Ode to Joy (Fragment, Adaptation) - Beethoven

    Liber tango (Tango) - Astor Piazzola

    Che Valle Pirayumi - Herminio Giménez

    My Farewell - Felix Perez
During the interpretations director, Favio Chavez, presented a few members of the orchestra and each of the instruments, along with their assembling characteristics.

Cateura is made up of children and underprivileged youth living in the community Bañado Sur located around the landfill Cateura of Asuncion, and is directed by Favio Chavez, environmental technician; Cateura is characterized by the interpretation of musical pieces with instruments made salvaged solid waste from the landfill.

OSEMAP and Ñambuy with the frequency of peace 432 HZ 
The general director of the GEAP, Gabriela Lara, presented the musical project of the institution and explained its lines of action, among these, the proposal to change the frequency of 440 Hz to 432 Hz, considered by many as the frequency of peace.
She was also responsible for presenting the OSEMAP, a group of international musicians who are the first fruits of the musical model of the GEAP, consisting of 60 performers and interpreters of different ages from Latin American countries, and directed by Venezuelan professor, Osmin Rodriguez. Tonight each member is identified with the flag that represents them around their neck.
The group Ñambuy interpreted musical pieces along with the Orchestra of the GEAP, moving the audience to the Bolivian culture. Ñambuy means "ship going to eternity".

La OSEMAP contagió a todos los presentes con un recorrido musical latinoamericano, con las siguientes piezas musicales:
  • Anthem of the Global Embassy of Activist for Peace. Written by Dr. William Soto Santiago and music by Prof. Osmin Rodriguez.

    Lamento Borincano. Words and music: Rafael Hernández Marín
  • Venezuela. Music and Lyrics: Pablo Herrero and Jose Luis Armentero Ibarz Sanchez.
  • Cielito Lindo.Music and Lyrics: Quirino Mendoza y Cortez
  • América. Music and Lyrics: Nino Bravo
  • El Cóndor Pasa. Music and Lyrics: Daniel Alomia Robles. Played by the OSEMAP and Ñambuy Group.
  • Colombia Tierra Querida. Words and music: Luis Eduardo Acosta Bermudez
  • Llorando se fue. Music and Lyrics: Ulises Hermosa. Played by OSEMAP and Ñambuy Group
  • Caballo Viejo. Words and music: Simon Diaz
  • Moliendo Café. Words and music: Jose Manzo Perroni
  • Acuarela De Brasil. Words and music: Ary Barroso
  • Alma Llanera. Words and music: Pedro Elías Gutiérrez
  • Pájaro Campana. Words and music: Feliz Perez Cardozo

 "The king of clay"

The audience witnessed the work of Reinaldo Sanabria, better known as "King of clay"; distinguished for his performance against the clock.
On this occasion, Sanabria made an artistic-musical show with the preparation of a potter’s portrait while dancing. All compositions are made of natural baked clay, and none are identical, although there are certain patterns that characterize the work of Sanabria.
The artist donated his handy work done during the concert to add to the funds that will be donated to the Cateura Orchestra.
Folkloric Ballet of Asuncion

The Folkloric Ballet of Asuncion presented typical Paraguayan dances; a choreographed spaced accompanied by rhythms and melodies that enlivened the evening. 


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