The third edition of the Peace Integration Summit was presented at the Historic Sunset Station Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

The third edition of the Peace Integration Summit was presented at the Historic Sunset Station

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With a special dinner at the Historic Sunset Station in the heart of San Antonio, Texas, in the United States, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace presented the third edition of the Peace Integration Summit – CUMIPAZ 2017, which will be held on October 16 to the 21, at the Latin American Parliament in Panama City.

The event was held with the support of Bexar County Commissioner, Dr. Tommy Calvert and counted with the attendance of personalities, such as the Vice Counsul of the Angola Republic, Lucombo Luveia, the president of the democratic party of Bexar County and running mayor of San Antonio, Mr. Manuel Medina; deputy chief of the Sheriff’s Office of Bexar County; and members of the House of Representatives from District 116 and 120, along with managers of civil institutions such as the Citizens League of United Latin Americans and the organization of arts in education and other international institutions. 

An international encounter to give solutions to global issues

In his intervention, Tommy Calvert, highlighted the importance the exchange of ideas and thoughts in favor of peace and made a call for the union of nations to be reflected in this peace integration summit and stated that:

“Now that we are facing a potential nuclear war and the environmental issue; we need to come together as one global community and connect with organizations like the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, where we can listen to each other and exchange ideas; a leadership exchange, and an exchange of a commercial and business culture; when we unite in seeing the Western and European Hemisphere and throughout the world to solve our problems, we will all be beneficiaries”, Dr. Tommy Calvert.

At the event, Gabriela Lara, director general of the GEAP, explained the objectives and scope of this international event, the purpose of the themes that surround the sessions of this year and the commitment that is acquired with the official declaration of the Summit.

“As product of the summit, a consensual document with all the work of the sessions is created at the end. This document has all the proposals, projects and people and institutions, leaders and representatives from different governments that have participated. These proposals are taken to an international level throughout the year and are presented before various regional blocks in Latin America and at a global level”, Mrs. Gabriela Lara.

The support of the participants as an important quota for the work of CUMIPAZ

Diana Arévalo and Barbara Gerving-Hawkins, Texas State Representatives participated and socialized on issues of legislative commitment to equality, democracy, social justice and real involvement with the needs of the community.

“We are on your side, and I truly hope to attend this outstanding summit to work with world leader from every part of the world, to make an effort for peace so we can come back home and give peace of mind to our friends, our families and our citizens”, Dr. Diana Arevalo.

“That is why we much make an effort for social justice and Human Rights. Social Justice, and Human Rights. If we truly believe that every person is created equally, then it is our moral duty to make sure that they are treated the same way”, Dr. Barbara Gerving-Hawkins.

To conclude, Dr. Soto thanked everyone and called for the action of world leaders and authorities to go from intentions to actions. 

“From where we are and from the measure of our possibilities, we all can and must contribute to create a culture of peace; especially those who exercise leadership or who are in charge of an institution and who in many cases through laws, projects and social movements lead changes and determine the present and future of a nation”, Dr. Soto.

William Soto Santiago
Global Ambassador of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace.

The Peace Integration Summit is a response to the clamor of society for a progressive, harmonic, and inclusive change for a dignified and peaceful life in favor of a hopeful future for the human family.


CUMIPAZ Peace Integration Summit