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Principles and values ​​in the training of integral professionals

Educational Session / Guatemala
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A panel of university rectors within the Educational Session carried out the theme “Contribution of Educations of Higher Institutions (IES) for the promotion of universal values from the formation programs” during the 3rd day of the 2018 Peace Integration Summit, Guatemala.

The panel was carried out by rectors: Vivian González, Universidad Magíster de Costa Rica; Samuel Martín, Barbero, Universidad Camilo José Cela de Madrid; Julián Aguilar, Technological University of Cancun, Mexico; Mynor Cardón, Regional University of Guatemala and Liliana Naranjo, regional vice-director of the Uniminuto University Corporation of Colombia.

Moderation was initiated by Ignacio Sell, director of the Camilo of the José Cela University Foundation, who introduced the issue of social responsibility in education, mentioning the commitment of educational institutions to solve problems and prioritizing values ​​in the training of integral professionals that lead to positive social changes.

"The purpose of this table is to discuss examples of good practices in the construction of educational spaces, which favor learning, experimentation and awareness of the principles and values," said Sell.


Ignacio Sell
Director of the Camilo José Cela University Foundation (Spain)

Educational social responsibility

The rector of the Regional University of Guatemala, Mynor Cordón, said that university social responsibility allows many new problems to be introduced in the reflection of the university, on its relationship with society.

"In the university social responsibility resides today the criterion of university excellence, the university must train excellent professionals to make this unjust society work, to build another type of development more inclusive and sustainable, that can repair the social and environmental habitability of the planet". Expressed Cordon

More human universities

Vivian González Trejos, rector of the Magister University and pro tempore secretariat of the International Alliance for Peace (ALIUP), recommended that attendees see more of the inner human being, and shared the new experiences lived at the institution:

"We have made our university a revolution, where we have changed from being a private university under the concept of commercial, to putting social concept and forming a whole social platform."


Vivian González Trejos
Rector Magister University of Costa Rica

González affirms that higher education institutions should be more humanly universities, universities responsible for the issue of values ​​and the formation of integral human beings.

Social commitment of the universities

For the rector of the Technological University of Cancun, Julián Aguilar Estrada, social responsibility is in the hands of managers, despite the circumstances that students may have.

The Technological University has headquarters in most recondite places of Mexico and in capital cities, these generate opportunities of higher level of study for young people, members of indigenous communities and isolated areas, to promote and project a culture of peace.


"I believe that the university is the last opportunity for students to return to what values ​​and ethics mean and that is in our hands, those of us who are in charge of a university have a great internal responsibility," Aguilar said.


Julián Aguilar Estrada
Rector of the Cancun Technological University (Mexico)


On the other hand, Samuel Martin, rector of the Camilo Jose Cela University of Spain, participated on the academic structure in universities:

"Sometimes universities are designed more for teachers and researchers than for students, and ways of recognizing the outcome of academics are more about what recognition those academics have in their respective scientific communities."


Samuel Martín Barbero
Rector of the Camilo José Cela University of Madrid. (Spain)


In his speech, the rector of the Uniminuto University Corporation, Liliana Naranjo, explained the advances of the institution in the Colombian territory; The corporation serves students from socioeconomic strata 1, 2 and 3, in 79 locations throughout the country.

The Chancellor addressed the issue of social responsibility in education: "a philosophical researcher at the University of Paris said it well that there are different ways to impact from the social responsibility of higher education institutions and one of the main is from the internal point of view" .

In this edition of the Summit the academic authorities agreed in their conclusion: the university can and should act as a catalyst for all the efforts that are made around social commitment, education in values ​​and integral training in Human Rights to achieve professionals Integrity, ethics and highly committed to society.



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