Political, governmental, legal, military and civil authorities attend the official launch of the Peace Integration Summit - CUMIPAZ 2018Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Political, governmental, legal, military and civil authorities attend the official launch of the Peace Integration Summit - CUMIPAZ 2018

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The "Los Lagos" room of the Westin Camino Real Hotel was the stage in which the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace presented the objectives and proposals of this year’s Summit, that will be held in Guatemala, the country of eternal spring.

With the greeting of the National Coordinator of the GEAP in Guatemala, Mr. Miguel González, host of the summit, there was an official opening to this event in which the general director, Gabriela Lara, representing the CEO of the GEAP, Dr. William Soto Santiago.

In her speech, Lara presented the mission that the GEAP has and the reasons why it is important to hold a peace integration summit, which promotes a space for dialogue, analysis and presentation of proposals for the progress, happiness and peace of the human family.

In turn, she explained the progress that CUMIPAZ has had since 2015, compared to what has been proposed in each official statement as a result of these meetings.

He said that this year, CUMIPAZ will have the following five sessions, explaining in each of them its central objective:

The Session of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Sustainable Development,

The Justice and Democracy Session,

The Science Session for the Preservation of Life of Mother Earth and the Human Being,

The Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session and;

The Educational Session

For his part, Judge Camilo Montoya Reyes, coordinator of the Justice and Democracy Session presented the thematic lines and some of the speakers who have been confirmed to date, among them; Ángel Juanes Peces, vice president of the Supreme Court of Spain; Sylvain Ore, President of the African Court of Human and Peoples' Rights; Jules Cantave, President of the Superior Council of Justice of the Republic of Haiti and Dr. Fernando Carrillo Flórez, Attorney General of the Republic of Colombia.

Iván Sarmiento, coordinator of the CSR Session for Sustainable Development, indicated that for this year the thematic lines will address the following topics:

  • Healthy organizations and their contributions to the progress, improvement, happiness, and peace of society.
  • The circular economy as a business model and the decarbonization of production and consumption systems.
  • Company: Human Rights and Peace.
  • Companies that change the World "CSR: differentiates the brand and generates happiness"
  • Discussion: "CSR is a key tool for innovation".


Francisca Tum
Mrs. Francisca Tum, Secretary of Peace of the Presidency of the Republic
Institutional authorities of Guatemala linked to CUMIPAZ 2018

On behalf of the Secretariat of Peace, Ms. Francisca Tum, expressed the commitment of the institution in the work of peace and that is why: "The Secretariat of Peace is making a great effort to resume the peace agreements of its nation, considering that peace has to do with respect for Mother Earth and natural resources, but also with respect for human beings."

Similarly, Dr. Daniel Domingo Lopez, Deputy Minister of Bilingual and Intercultural Education of the Ministry of Education, said that "peace and happiness is a state of the human being, which is built with daily work through social organization and state" and that is why the ministry of bilingual education has participated in the other editions of CUMIPAZ, considering that they are identified with the holistic approach to peace that this international event has.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports represented by Astrid Mariana Teleguario, considered relevant the realization of actions that are based on respect for human and cultural rights, for believing that the search for peace and harmony with Mother Earth must be a joint effort of the institutions, a work of actors with high social sensitivity, spirit of solidarity and commitment to respect human rights and peace, known within the indigenous culture, as tranquility and rest of hearts.

On behalf of the Guatemalan human rights attorney, Claudia Maselli, highlighted the importance of dialogue and its relationship with the construction and strengthening of peace, indicating that the achievement of peace agreements in his country is an example of this.

He also pointed out that only through dialogue can conflict be prevented, emphasizing the importance of the fourth edition of CUMIPAZ and thanked the GEAP for choosing Guatemala as the venue for this year.

Sharing experiences - "What CUMIPAZ has taught me"

Invitados al Lanzamiento
More than 100 guests attended the launch of CUMIPAZ 2018

During the evening, a space of fraternization and experiences was opened by the Guatemalan authorities who accepted the invitation to participate in CUMIPAZ of Chile, Paraguay or Panama.

Dr. Ovidio Monzón, president of the commission of education, science and technology of Guatemala motivated the assistants, as a result of his experience in CUMIPAZ, so that other authorities open a space in his agenda from October 1 to 6, 2018 and live the experience offered by this international event, which according to their words, offers the integration of topics to turn CUMIPAZ into a holistic event and a space to build bonds of friendship to achieve peace.

"When we began to get involved, we realized the great sense that the organization has in Latin America and the world, the efforts they have made to unite wills and to live peacefully. I reiterate the availability of accompaniment from the Congress of the Republic” he concluded.


In her participation, Dr. Delia Dávila, magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice of Guatemala, expressed her thanks to the GEAP for this special event that launches CUMIPAZ 2018 and at the same time recognized the volunteer work of the young musicians from Mexico and Guatemala, who enlivened the night.

In her words, Judge Dávila acknowledged the work of CUMIPAZ in converting the longings for peace into real actions and delivered a greeting from the magistrates and judges of the judicial body, as a power of the State, who administers justice by guaranteeing the population of peace and social harmony. She also indicated that it is necessary to foster a culture of denunciation because without denunciation there is no justice and without justice, there is no peace.

In this way, the GEAP intends this year, to continue working on peace purposes that have been part of the foundations of the Peace Integration Summit throughout these 4 years, inviting all those interested in the different spheres of society to be part of CUMIPAZ 2018, where Guatemala awaits them.



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