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Freudenthal: Peace can be reached with innovative solutions

Science Session / Guatemala
Scientist, cardiologist, and founder of Kardiozentrum, Franz Freudenthal, presented the conference: “Innovative solutions to cure congenital heart disease,” where he showed the approaches that emerged based on the statistics that showed that 50% of patients suffering from congenital heart disease die before the first year of life.

In the search for new alternatives in the area of technological innovation, Franz Freudenthal found a solution to face this situation that afflicts society. In Bolivia, Aymara artists can millimeter wide stitches with incredible precision.
“This stitching is what we use to stop these cardiac defects,” said Freudenthal
Franz Freudenthal
Scientist, Cardiologist. Founder of Kardiozentrum (Bolivia)
Likewise, he mentioned: “What we do is that we take a very thin catheter and we travel until we reach the problem; there we place a device (...) all we do is use the natural pathways that each patient has to fix it,” he said.

Freudenthal explained that the stitching that has been made has a technology that no machine can match, because they do not have welding points. These intelligent materials are compatible with all diagnostic methods such as ultrasound, magnetic resonance, and X-rays.

Similarly, he said that this whole system has international guarantees and has been recognized in Bolivia and in all Latin American countries. "It is through our solutions that we will be able to reach peace," he concluded.



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