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The Peace Integration Summit has initiated

Science Session / Guatemala  |  Opening
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The Palace of Culture is the stage for the opening of the 4th Edition of CUMIPAZ, in Guatemala, world capital of peace 2018.

The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) initiated its annual maximum event: the Peace Integration Summit (CUMIPAZ). The National Palace of Culture, of Guatemala, was the stage chosen to carry out the opening act and to develop the First Session of the Summit: Science for the preservation of the Life of Mother Earth and of the Human Being.

Manuel Diaz, specialist in climate change, moderated the event that was chaired by William Soto, the institution's executive president, who gave a speech through video conference, and Gabriela Lara, general director of GEAP.

Oscar Manuel Cóbar, national secretary of Science and Technology of the Republic of Guatemala; Rajendra Kumar Pachauri, Nobel Peace Prize 2007 (India); and Dmitrii Kharakka-Zaitsev, representative of the Permanent Forum of the United Nations of Indigenous Peoples - Russian Federation also participated

Objectives of the Summit

Conferencia William Soto

The executive president of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), William Soto Santiago, in his opening words expressed that the human being is a transcendental part in nature because he has free will in his heart and the power to make decisions.



"If we work together, we hope that we will reconnect and balance life with harmony among the living beings and the resources that the planet provides," Soto said.


William Soto Santiago
Global Ambassador of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace.

For her part, Gabriela Lara, general director of the GEAP, expressed her gratitude to the national and international authorities for her participation as part of the group of proposals in the field of health and science to build roads for peace and happiness of being human.

"In addition to providing a space that promotes the dissemination and practice of new knowledge (...) with the proposals of indigenous peoples, also raises power to conceptualize concrete actions, both individual and collective, for the preservation and restoration of balance and harmony of the Earth with all the living beings that conform it ".


Gabriela Lara
General Director of the GEAP

Science Session

Palacio Nacional de Guatemala

CUMIPAZ 2018 began its programing with the development of the Science Session for the preservation of Life of Mother Earth and of the human being, in the National Palace of Culture of Guatemala City.

The day consists of lectures, panels and talks by scientists and investigators, academics and political authorities, indigenous leaders, professionals in the health field, environmental management, engineering, ecology and green technologies from different countries.

Some of the issues raised during the session involve scientific and alternative advances for the preservation of human life and ecological balance, indigenous knowledge, science and technology.

Oscar Cóbar, representative of the National Secretariat of Science and Technology SENACyT, Guatemala, indicated in his participation that for the needs and sustainability of the human being, a scientific culture should be built in the country that addresses the current problems.

For his part, Dmitrii Kharakka-Zaitsev, representative of the Permanent Forum of the United Nations of Indigenous Peoples (Russian Federation), commented that the way to obtain practical results is giving priority to the revitalization of indigenous languages for the preservation of the tradition.

Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, Nobel Peace Prize 2007, expressed in his greeting the importance of observing how today's society has become addicted to consumption, distorting everything that is done as part of society.

Pachauri said: “Happiness comes from love, from understanding, from close relationships with family members, and in general from understanding what every human being is on planet Earth, and all he can do to bring about this change.”


Rajendra Kumar Pachauri
Nobel Prize 2007 (India)


CUMIPAZ Peace Integration Summit