New Trees in the “Dr. William Soto Forest” in Villa Los CorralitosGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

New Trees in the “Dr. William Soto Forest” in Villa Los Corralitos


GEAP activists maintain and plant in the honorary forest in the province of Mendoza

The town of Villa Los Corralitos, located in the department of Guaymallén, created a space destined for the “Dr. William Soto Forest”, in honor of the work he has carried out for several decades as the director of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP).

The Activists for Peace promote the GEAP’s projects and campaigns in the different fields where the human being is developed: family, community, educational institutions, and nongovernmental organizations, public and private organizations, States and/or nations, indigenous people, human groups and supranational organizations.

On Saturday, July 2, 2016, the GEAP Activists gathered in this place to carry out maintenance work, starting with cleaning the soil, watering the trees, preparing surface trenches for temporary watering, with water from a nearby well, until the completion of the well cistern for the Forest.

Within the framework of the International Program “Children of Mother Earth”, the GEAP seeks to contribute solutions and promote citizen participation in actions towards a sustainable development and future that guarantee the continuity of life of the human beings in harmony with our Mother Earth.

This program is composed of four work areas, where the “Restoration and Protection of Mother Earth” is found, that through civic, institutional and governmental actions, and the establishment of strategic alliances with organizations, aims to restore and protect natural and urban spaces of Mother Earth. Therefore, planting activities and the upkeep of green areas are developed towards providing a green lung in the middle of cities.

The city of Las Heras also formed part of this Program by donating dozens of trees to the GEAP on World Environment Day, to be planted at the “Dr. William Soto Forest” in Los Corralitos. Furthermore, planting other tree species will be held in the near future.


access_time Saturday, July 2, 2016