Habitants of Moro in Peru demonstrated solidarity for others Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Habitants of Moro in Peru demonstrated solidarity for others


The GEAP had the support of governmental authorities and neighbors of the city

Peruvians started the 7th International Marathon “Life is in the Blood”, on February 29, 2016, where they raised the flag and went through the city with an awareness march, where they highlighted with banners and signs the importance of being a voluntary blood donor. The event was led by mayor Fernando Villón, director Richard Zapata, Peace judge Henry Cusquiliban, professors, students and neighbors. 

The Plaza de Armas of Moro received the voluntary blood donors

Likewise, on March 2, the GEAP and the blood bank of the Hospital La Caleta of the city of Chimbote, carried out the blood donation marathon in the Plaza de Armas of Moro, Ancash region, where the habitants of the zone participated in the organization of the activity and donated blood voluntarily. 

For a culture that benefits society

With the purpose of promoting a voluntary, altruist and regular blood donation culture, also to keep stocked the blood banks of the nation and so that the citizens understand that more than donating blood it is an act of love, solidarity and kindness for others, the GEAP in Peru will continue going through the cities of the country with the purpose of reaching to more people to join this labor.