Coahuila, the third biggest state of Mexico, joins the 7th International Blood Drive MarathonGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Coahuila, the third biggest state of Mexico, joins the 7th International Blood Drive Marathon


The GEAP visited stores, universities, institutions and communities of the state to continue spreading the blood donation culture.

The impulse that the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) has been giving to voluntary blood donation, has allowed more people from different countries to daily join this altruist labor, with the purpose of promoting love for life and the respect for human dignity, thus enhancing the quality of life of millions of patients, having safe and supplied the blood inventories.

For this reason, voluntary activists of the GEAP in Mexico haven’t stopped, and in Coahuila of Zaragoza they have decided to participate in the 7th International Blood Drive Marathon. The activities were carried out in the cities of Saltillo, Torreon, San Pedro de las Colonias and Parras.

With signs and informative pamphlets, the GEAP, under the Integral Program “Life is in the Blood”, communicated to the Coahuila people the importance and the benefits of doing this beautiful solidary, civic and responsible act. In this way, and with the cooperation of the health sector, governmental entities and the participation of the activists, during May and June of the present year, more than 130 effective units of blood was collected

In Saltillo, capital of the state, on May 24, 25 and 26 an awareness talk and blood drive was held with the support of the Central State of Blood Transfusion (CETS), gathering 64 effective units. The work was developed in universities such as: the Escuela Normal Regional de Especialización (ENRE), the Escuela Normal de Educación Preescolar (ENEP) the Universidad Interamericana para el Desarrollo (UNID) and the Universidad Politécnica of Ramos Arizpe (UPRA).

Laura Isela Cerecero Carrillo, of the Department of Difusión and Vinculación of the UPRA, highlighted the importance of the awareness that the GEAP spreads amongst young people, and its implication in future generations:

“We consider that the labor the GEAP it is carrying out is very important for the citizens, making young people aware about blood donation; it is an act of brotherhood and solidarity with our community.

During May, in Torreon, the activists of the GEAP promoted the Communicational Educative Program for the formation of a permanent, voluntary, altruist, regular and in an act of love blood donation culture “Life is in the Blood” (PEC-VIDA) in malls, colonies of the region and educational entities such as: the Universidad Autónoma Agraria Antonio Narro (UAAAN) the Instituto de Educacion Media y Superior María Esther de Echeverría (MEZE) and the Universidad Autónoma de la Laguna (UAL). The closing of this campaign it was carried out with the support of the Jurisdicción Sanitaria VI of Torreon in the MEZE, on June 1, obtaining 48 effective units.

Dr. Cesar Alejandro del Bosque Garza, chief of the VI Sanitary Jurisdiction of Torreon, made a call for the community to donate blood regardless of their blood type, because in this way they are transmitting life to other this way:

“It is important that the community members go and are always conscience that if they are old enough and fulfill the requirements of a donor, then they should do it, regardless of their blood type (…) maybe they don’t know that tomorrow they will be saving a life by making an altruist act today.”