The Guardians of Mother Earth give talks at ECOFEST 2017Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

The Guardians of Mother Earth give talks at ECOFEST 2017


The Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Argentina, attended the ECOFEST 2017 as guests, to give talks of awareness to the residents of the southern area of ​​Resistencia about the preservation of mother Earth.

The event was organized by the Secretary of Environment of Resistance and carried out with the purpose of delivering trees to citizens to be planted in their homes, in plaza, sidewalks, among other spaces.

This day allowed the continuance of the campaign "A tree for Resistance", which aims to raise awareness among the population about planting, tree care and recycling.

Conference aimed for children
Education, green walk and more than 2,000 trees

The South Plaza was the place where the educational modules about recycling were installed. During the day, there were games for children, the presentation of musical bands, a green walk, and more than 2,000 trees of the species drunk, paradise, ash, among others.

The mayor Jorge M. Capitanich, carried out the distribution of the plants with the support of the members of the GEAP. The Undersecretary of Environment, Luis Casas, the Undersecretary of Tourism, Bernardo Voloj, the Undersecretary of Water Resources, Maximiliano Tononi, and the Secretary of Institutional Relations, Graciela Contreras also participated.

Capitanich summoned all the neighbors of the south zone to join the urban tree plan. The mayor specified the need for the community to assume the challenge of afforesting the city, especially in the areas where forest deficit was detected.

The Guardians of Mother Earth were in charge of the delivery of 700 trees, and in turn, they called on the community to reflect on the importance of caring for the environment.



access_time Saturday, September 30, 2017