Governors of Paraguay issue 37 resolutions for a healthy environmentGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Governors of Paraguay issue 37 resolutions for a healthy environment

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Governments and municipalities of the Republic of Paraguay adopted the Proclamation of the Constitution of the Rights of Mother Earth, by issuing 37 resolutions that support this environmental proposal promoted by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP).

From May 1st, to September 14th, GEAP volunteers visited cities in the departments of Cordillera, Central, Itapúa and Alto Paraná, to ask the authorities for a public declaration recognizing Mother Earth as a living being, which has rights and must be respected by human beings. (See: List of cities in Paraguay visited by the GEAP)

The activists for peace were received by intendants and managers of the Environmental Department of each region. These efforts resulted in the approval of the documents for the protection, conservation and preservation of the planet Earth.

In the city of Capiatá, the national coordinator of the GEAP, William Paras, presented this approach to the municipal council and after a deliberation, the councilors unanimously granted the resolution recognizing that Mother Earth is a living being.

The GEAP in Paraguay continues to socialize this approach throughout the national territory, which promotes the care of the environment through actions that help its preservation.