The GEAP recognizes joint action of voluntary and regular blood donorsGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

The GEAP recognizes joint action of voluntary and regular blood donors


World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on June 14. Its goal is to thank donors for their voluntary contribution that saves lives, and the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Mexico, recognized the solidarity of thousands of people.

Government agencies, health institutions, blood banks, companies and voluntary donors from different cities of Mexico gathered to pay homage to the heroes for life; and in turn, motivate them to continue donating blood.

Chihuahua, Coahuila, Colima, Mexico City, Durango and Guerrero were some states in Mexico that paid homage to the voluntary and regular donors of safe blood on this important day.

Activities by State:


During the festival, the support of companies, active groups and health institutions was acknowledged at the blood drives held in Ciudad Juarez. The activity culminated with the marching band of the High School of Industrial Technological Baccalaureate and Service No.128 (CBTIS).


The celebration in honor of the voluntary blood donors took place in the House of the Elderly, in the municipality of Ramos Arizpe, with the support of the State Center for Blood Transfusion (CETS). The event was attended by representatives of the municipality and health centers.


The Ministry of Health in Colima gave recognition to the GEAP for promoting voluntary blood donation in the region and for the support they have given to the State Center for Blood Transfusion (CETS). The Q.F.B. Magdalena Valdez, in her dissertation expressed that the voluntary donor covers the need of hospitals. For his part, Carlos Salazar, Secretary of Health and Social Welfare, and executive president of the Health Services of Colima, said that the project that runs the GEAP helps society.

Mexico City

At the Dr. Rubén Leñero General Hospital, heads of blood banks, doctors and Activists for Peace, celebrated International Blood Donor Day. In this event, the work of UNESCO and GEAP to promote the voluntary blood donation in the world was recognized. The occasion was propitious to create links with the GEAP and strengthen the work that has been done in favor of the human family


With a sensitization talk and a blood drive, the GEAP together with the Donators Association Laguna Civil Association and the blood bank of the Hospital General Gómez Palacio, recognized the solidarity action of the voluntary donors.

Rodrigo Soto, deputy director of the General Hospital of Gómez Palacio, and Juan Navejas, head of the emergency department of the hospital were present at the ceremony.

Sergio Morales, director of the Hospital Gómez Palacio, during his participation said:

“Having the GEAP, which promotes a blood donation culture, is a sensational support.”


The Secretary of Health and the Central Zone Regional Blood Bank celebrated the World Blood Donor Day at the Señorial restaurant with representatives of educational, governmental and volunteer institutions of the GEAP, among others.

During the ceremony, Atanasia Barra, director of the State Transfusion Medicine Center, said:

“This coordination between the Embassy and the Ministry of Health through the State Center has been a great success, because that has helped us a lot so that the dissemination reaches a greater number of the population.”

During the event the girl Samanta Magaya declared a poetry in honor of the altruistic donors, entitled “The donor community.” Likewise, each of the voluntary and regular donors received recognition for giving life to their peers.

Nuevo Leon

Activists for Peace, in coordination with the State Center for Blood Transfusion and collaboration of the Department of Social Work, conducted two awareness campaigns, days before the celebration.

The event was addressed to all hospital staff, where 17 blood units were obtained.


In the State Center of Blood Transfusion (CETS) different personalities and institutions were invited to receive recognition for their contribution in each blood drive.

The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Health of Oaxaca (SSO), Regulation and Health Promotion of Oaxaca (FSOAX), the CETS and members of the Hotel Angel Inn.

Among the honorees include: the director of the Center of Bachilleres de Oaxaca (COBAO) No. 39 of Nazareno, Lic. Jackerman García; the director of the University Institute of Oaxaca (IUO), C.P. Jesús Pérez; and the GEAP.


The GEAP together with the State Center for Blood Transfusion in the state (CETS) celebrated with the voluntary donors, with a blood drive where a total of 62 safe blood units were obtained. During the event, the work of Emanuel Rodríguez as an altruistic donor was acknowledged since 2013.

Quintana Roo

In the municipalities of Chetumal and Cancún seminars were held from June 13 to 16 in different educational institutions, where they began with awareness talks.

In the Technological Institute of Chetumal, 17 students decided to donate the life sap. Also, at the Universidad del Sur, 280 students participated in the campaign that resulted in 23 effective blood units.

The event was attended by Martín Perales, subdelegate of the Institute of Security and Social Services of the Workers of the State (ISSSTE), Colonel Carlos Maya and Major Sergio Martínez.

The regional hospital # 17 granted recognition to the executive president of GEAP, William Soto Santiago; and also, the Regional Blood Bank, through Dr. Jaqueline Muñoz, to GEAP; for the help they give to society through the blood drives.

In the hospital 22 people decided to donate life and 12 Activists for Peace added 12 units.

San Luis Potosi

With a massive awareness blood drive in the Plaza de los Fundadores in the historic center of the city, where 230 people were made aware, and in the municipality of Xilitla, World Blood Donor Day was also celebrated.

Similarly, on June 16 in Iztacapa, 250 Mexicans received a talk about the importance of donating blood regularly. On June 17 in San Pedro Huitzquilico, Activists for Peace gave the talk to 450 people of the town, concluding with the celebration.


The activity was carried out in the Dr. Juan Graham Casasus High Specialty Regional Hospital in Villahermosa, Tabasco, where 26 candidates voluntarily donated blood, resulting in 21 effective units.


In the Executive Room, Activists for Peace and representatives of the blood bank of Alfredo Pumarejo General Hospital, met to celebrate Donor's Day. Participated in the event, Jocelyn Villamar, representative of the blood bank; and María Olagüe, from the Tamaulipeca University.

During the celebration, Gloria González, coordinator of the Integral Program: Life is in the Blood – “Donating the sap of life”, presented the objectives.

Mexico state

Together with the Ministry of Health and the Health Institute of the State of Mexico, in coordination with the State Center for Blood Transfusion (CETS), the GEAP carried out a voluntary blood drive, where 120 units were obtained.

They supported the campaign: Isis López, director of the CETS, in addition to various authorities in the area of Health and companies. The GEAP received hands Pedro Montoya, Health coordinator, a recognition for the great activism that makes the entity throughout the country, in favor of this work so laudable and necessary.


In the Poza Rica and Veracruz municipalities, the World Blood Donor Day was celebrated, with the participation of Activists for Peace and the community, obtaining a total of 17 units of safe blood.


In the municipality of Guadalupe, in the state of Zacatecas, a blood drive was held at the State Center for Blood Transfusion (CETS), where four people donated the sap of life.


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