The GEAP acts on environmental crisisGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

The GEAP acts on environmental crisis


In response to the current environmental crisis, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) took advantage of the celebration of World Environment Day to work in areas they considered essential: education and environmental restoration, to stop the destruction of the environment, reverse the damage of natural resources and contribute to the preservation of Mother Earth and humanity.

Under the Program Children of Mother Earth, the GEAP organized during the week of the anniversary (June 5), educational sessions for the formation in environmental values, the Fairs for the Peace of Mother Earth, ecological parades, tree planting, marathons of cleaning and recovery of spaces.

The institution supports the central theme of the 2017 celebration, which focuses on promoting the connection of people with nature.

They also highlighted the promotion of the 5 environmental values or the 5R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Reeducate, Reject; and the promotion of the proposal of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth.

The GEAP has emphasized on education and environmental reeducation as a power that can generate changes in society, by raising awareness of the urgency of restoring harmony with nature and promoting ecological and sustainable practices.

Around 55,000 students, teachers, authorities, families and communities participated in the activities. The activists for peace in each country in planning in union with local governments, environmental protection agencies, educational institutions, companies, environmental groups, among others.

New Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth were registered during the activities carried out in Latin America, the United States and Spain.

4100 Argentines executed actions in the environment week


jornada ambiental
Argentina, cleaning days to show love for Mother Earth

In Argentina, educational lectures, tree planting, recycling campaigns and days of cleaning and restoration of green spaces were carried out, in which 4,100 citizens from different departments participated.

Following the agreement established by the GEAP and the Environment Secretariat of the city of Resistencia, an act was held for the signing of three agreements, one of them with the Argentine Network of Municipalities for Climate Change (RAMCC, Spanish abbreviation).

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Fairs for the Peace of Mother Earth in Bolivia

Campaña de reforestación
Bolivia, afforestation campaigns promoted by guardians.

Bolivia installed the Fair for the Peace of Mother Earth in different cities under the theme "Environmental Values". In the city of Santa Cruz, the activity was carried out in coordination with the Municipal Secretary of the Environment, the sub-mayor of District 10 and the neighborhood councils. City officials and peace activists held a day of tree planting in the green areas of Barrio 18 de Enero.

Institutional Union in Brazil for environmental care

Brasil, futuras generaciones apoyando campaña de siembra de arboles
Brazil, future generations supporting tree planting campaign

Among the activities carried out in Brazil, the GEAP joined the Court of Justice of the State of Rio Branco, to develop an event with the exhibition of endangereed animals, and the promotion of the 5R. In Roraima, the GEAP was invited by the Municipal Secretary of the Environment of the city of Boa Vista to participate in the planting of 200 fruit trees on the bank of the Igarapé do Frasco stream. In Hortolândia, State of São Paulo, the GEAP participated in the Seminar "Consumption, technology and disposal of waste" organized by the Ministry of the Environment.En Roraima, la EMAP fue invitada por la Secretaria Municipal del Medio Ambiente de la ciudad de Boa Vista para participar en la siembra de 200 árboles frutales en la orilla del arroyo Igarapé do Frasco.

Reeducation in Chile for an ecological conscience

Chile reutiliza y siembra vida.

769 students in Chile participated in educational sessions aimed at environmental reeducation to promote ecological awareness.

During the celebration of June 5, the GEAP received an invitation from the Department of the Environment of the municipalities of Puente Alto (Metropolitan Region) and Calama (Antofagasta Region) to participate in the Environment Fair.

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Reeducation and environmental restoration: 15,644 Colombians involved

Estudiante Kolping
Colombia, Environmental reeducation for future generations.

Through reeducation and environmental restoration days, 15,644 Colombians connected with nature and learned about the 5 environmental values.

1,249 GEAP volunteers made contact with different communities, educational institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations in Colombia, managing to develop 85 environmental days in which 25 parks and emblematic places were recovered.

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Guardians of Mother Earth in Ecuador promote environmental culture

charlas ambientales
Ecuador, sowing environmental values.

The application of the 5 environmental values and other topics of consciousness and environmental awareness, were taught in Ecuador by the Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth. 3,354 people, including students, teachers and citizens in general, participated in the activities.

The Guardians also participated in the tour of the Napo river basin, an activity programmed by the Ecuadorian Navy Corps and the Provincial Council of Francisco de Orellana. In order to rescue green areas, a day of reforestation of the Chiparo tree was carried out.

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Cleaning operation in Lake Ilopango

El Salvador, children identify with Mother Earth.

A cleaning operation was carried out in the Lake of Ilopango of El Salvador. The event began with an ancestral ritual, led by representatives of the indigenous peoples of the country through the Salvadoran Indigenous Coordinating Council (CCNIS, for its acronym in Spanish) and the Indigenous Council of Central America (CICA, for its acronym in Spanish).

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Spain: 5R practice strengthens citizen commitment

Students and other Spanish citizens learned with the 5R Club to Recycle, Reuse, Reject, Reduce and Reeducate for the restoration of the planet. The activists for peace made the community aware of the conservation of rivers and beaches through small actions.

A cleaning marathon was held at the Nova Icária beach and the seabed in coordination with Turismo de Barcelona and the City Council. The work was developed in the area of seaweed between 50 and 100 meters from the coastline and between 5 and 10 meters deep.


Honduran children join the 5R Club

Honduras creates awareness in youths to care for the environment.

In Honduras, more than 700 children received the teachings of the 5R Club and were motivated to practice environmental values from their homes. The activities for the environmental event also included marathons of cleaning and restoration of public spaces.

Mexico: 5,197 students trained in environmental values

Mexico: 5,197 students receive talks on the 5 environmental values

The activities were carried out in 10 states of the Mexican Republic; the visit was registered to 48 educational centers, with the participation of 5,197 students. The Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth planted 227 trees and held marathons of cleaning green areas and beaches.

Club R of Panama promotes recognition of Mother Earth

reducir reutilizar
Panama, waste disposal explanation

480 primary school children, in the company of their teachers, participated in the Club R educational session, focused on the need to recognize Mother Earth as a living being with rights. Other topics were also developed such as the classification by colors of organic and inorganic waste.

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Schoolchildren from Paraguay: Let's practice the 5R!

Activistas y alumnos
Paraguay, the GEAP promotes environmental values in students

More than 1000 Paraguayan students received training in environmental values and practically learned their application.

Peru advances in the formation of a culture of green citizenship

Sensibilización alumnos
Peru, Students learn the importance of the 5Rs

The GEAP in Peru organized educational sessions in which about 3,250 students participated, and environmental restoration actions; it was also participant in the First Regional Congress of Students of Environmental Engineering and the bibliographic exhibition "Climate Change and Biodiversity in Peru".

Cleaning of Dominican coasts

The Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth joined the Mayor of the municipality of Nizao in the Dominican Republic to carry out clean-up days at Nizao beach; in the activity plastics and glasses were collected. Other recoveries of natural spaces were also made.

Texas: Environmental Journey connects people with Mother Earth

muestras de amor
United States, planting samples of love for Mother Earth

The recovery of community spaces and the promotion of environmental values were carried out in Houston, the city of Pasadena, Oklahoma City, Waco, Austin, Omaha Nebraska, San Marcos, El Valle and Dallas Texas.

The volunteers of the GEAP visited 96 families in Austin and Waco to raise awareness about the care of natural resources and help the recovery of Mother Earth.

On the other hand, the activists in conjunction with Habitat Conservation Plan and Keep San Marcos Beautiful executed a clean-up day at the veteran’s park and the river.

In Uruguay, volunteers hold sessions for a healthy environment

feria ambiental
Uruguay, lectures about how you can help save the planet.

For a healthy environment, peace activists in Artigas, Uruguay, organized the recovery and cleanup of the plaza and the Polintaport del Centro Poblado Pintadito. In addition, the Fair for the Peace of Mother Earth in the Plaza was displayed.

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Protect the planet! 19,769 students in Venezuela

Recuperación de espacios
Venezuela, Foundation Park, guardians revive their colors.

The activities were developed in educational institutions, plazas and parks in various regions of Venezuela. The Guardians involved 19,769 students from different educational institutions in talks for environmental training.

The celebration had the support of governmental authorities and environmental groups, who participated in days of planting trees and recovering public spaces.


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