An encounter that promotes love for Mother EarthGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

An encounter that promotes love for Mother Earth


With the purpose of creating a space to make known the knowledge, cultures and cares of Mother Earth, the indigenous people from Chaco, Formosa and Misiones, attended the 4th Regional Encounter of the Children of Mother Earth, event organized by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP). 

The Encounter, that forms part of the International Program Children of Mother Earth, was held at the Complejo Ñu Porá Don Bosco, with more than 60 people present from the indigenous communities Quom, Wichi, Mocovi, Pilaga and Guarani. 

The inaugural act was in charge of the national coordinator of the GEAP, Guillermo Rodriguez, who presented the traditional ceremonies of the different indigenous people. The event was led by the Guarani de San Ignacio Chief, Leonor Morinigo.

His Cosmogonic vision

Next, the work tables were installed, where the proposals were presented, based on 11 subjects regarding the conservation and restoration of Mother Earth.

In this encounter, the indigenous people expressed their cosmogonic vision and made known that their harmonic relation with Mother Earth; and presented their approaches to promote the love for the environment and the preservation of her resources.

During the closing event, the representatives of each work table delivered the proposals to the GEAP representatives, who were in charge of their revision, publication and socialization.