Education on environmental values was priority in Honduras on World Environment Day Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Education on environmental values was priority in Honduras on World Environment Day


2.400 elementary school students from different educational centers received lectures on the 5R’s

The Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth, pertaining to the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Honduras, celebrated the World Environment Day (June 5th) in various educational centers of the country during the days surrounding the anniversary, with environmental talks on the 5R’s (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Re-educate and Reject), as a line of action of the International Program “Children of Mother Earth.” (See program)  

To make students aware of the importance of implementing these 5 environmental values, in order to protect and restore planet Earth, the Guardians gave presentations of modules, showing the students different waste materials that can be recycled, and shaped into useful or decorative objects. 

The conference focused on elementary grade students from the “Virginia Ruiz de Ramos” School with more than 100 children attending and participating with questions and answers on the subject; also at the “Abraham Lincoln” School the activity reached more than 300 children who receive the lectures.

At the department of Atlantida, the Activists moved to different institutions: at the Guatemala de Quezada School they taught the conference to more than 800 students; at the same time, 400 students from the Juan Lindo School basic center participated; and at the house of studies in Athena, 600 children participated.

Thus, the Activists for Peace of that country promoted environmental education in values, and encouraging conservation practices, supporting environmental commitments and policies of the nation, to achieve ecological persistence for peace of Mother Earth.

Honduras considers in its Special Education Law on Environmental Communication (Degree No, 158-009) that the formation of habits and attitudes is a priority to promote environmental conservation through the incorporation of environmental education and communication in the curriculum and educational options in the formation of children and youths.

The GEAP internationally promotes the Environmental Movement “Children of Mother Earth” which seeks a voluntary sum of citizens to work for the care, protection and restoration of Mother Earth and all its systems.  (See:  official presentation of the Environmental Movement in Colombia ‘Children of Mother Earth”)



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