Ecuador celebrated the “World Environment Day” by beginning with the love of life on our Planet Earth. Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Ecuador celebrated the “World Environment Day” by beginning with the love of life on our Planet Earth.


The Global Ambassador of Peace, Dr. William Soto, and the project “Children of Mother Earth” celebrated the “World Environment Day, on June 5th, 2015 in Ecuador, a day that is strategically destined to create awareness in humans on the necessary and important topic for the protection of the environment, motivating the citizens to become agents of change for a sustainable development of clear and effective actions, with the participation of communities and organizations.

Regarding the volunteer work that the Activists for Peace carry out, “LET’S CELEBRATE LIFE WITH MOTHER EARTH”, is added to the projects the Embassy has, where Ecuadorians chose to organize awareness speeches on the environment at the Auditorium of the Marquesa de Solanda School.

Around 1500 students filled the auditorium to participate in this activity, which counted with the support of the Vice Principal MSc. Narcisa Vinueza.

A video that presents the various fields of work that the international project “Children of Mother Earth” has, was projected. This project seeks the global recognition of Earth as a living being that has the same rights as human beings. A workshop on the three R’s (reuse, reduce, recycle) was then carried out by the volunteers, which caused great interest among the students.

As part of the workshop, plastic bottles were recycled and an exhibition of numerous objects was displayed, which were made from recyclable materials, such as: carton, paper, bottles, and other utensils, that where transformed into decorations and multiuse materials.

Under the framework of this celebration, other communities and educational institutes joined this initiative, carrying out video forums, with documentaries which oriented the youth on the different measures that we, as a human family, must implement and provide if we want to protect the life of all the species on Earth, including human beings. Educational centers from Riobamba, Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas and El Coca, were impacted with this training that, apart from giving information on awareness, called unto the students to take part in the action and assume the responsibility they have as guardians of Mother Earth.


access_time Friday, June 5, 2015