Dominican Activists work for the recognition of Mother Earth as a living being Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Dominican Activists work for the recognition of Mother Earth as a living being

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic celebrates the “World Environment Day”

Aware that Dominican Republic is a country possessing a great wealth in natural resources, among these, Los Haitises National Park (considered the lung of the Caribbean), the Activists for Peace of this nation conducted various activities in favor of the care of Mother Earth and the recognition of their rights as living beings, on “World Environment Day” this past June 5th.

These works driven by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) through the project “Children of Mother Earth”, constitute actions for a sustainable development and future that guarantee the continuity of human beings in harmony with Mother Earth. 

Environmental Education Actions

The Activists for Peace focused their work in the province of Santo Domingo, especially in educational campuses with the slogan “Celebrate life with our Mother Earth”, where they propitiated opportunities for reflection around the recognition of the Earth as a living being and a subject of rights.

Among the activities carried out lectures of awareness and sensitization were registered with the topic about the importance of the care and respect of the environment, “the rule of the 3 R’s” (reduce, recycle, reuse) and the recycling containers; also making banners with recycled materials such as cardboard and paper.

They concocted handicrafts from waste materials, which served as an example to students of how many everyday items can be reused and converted back into something useful. 

Dominican institutions opened their doors to or welcomed the GEAP

Various educational institutions received the Dominican activists in celebrating the World Environment Day; among them the Education Centre, The Rosantes, east of the province which held an interactive lecture to elementary and high school students.

Likewise Escuela Básica, Professor Mercedes Rodriguez, north of the province, welcomed the activists who imparted educational topics to elementary students on how to take care of the main source of life: Mother Earth.

As of this activity, the Director of this institution, Ms. Carmen Ruiz, invited the GEAP to participate with the school and community of the launch of the new school year, which is scheduled for August of this year.

Dominican community recognizes the value of Mother Earth

Another educational lecture was directed at members of the Las Mercedes Neighborhood Board in the Community in north Santo Domingo in which was achieved to convey a message of awareness and sensitization to more than 200 people, from early childhood to older adults.

This community is characterized by great natural value it has and the fact that the inhabitants are mostly farmers, who on this occasion thanked the GEAP for the activity. Some expressed that despite their age, they had never thought about the Earth as the Mother of all living beings; in turn, others stressed the importance of conveying this message to the younger generations.

Dominican Republic contemplates it in their law

The development of these educational actions to take care of the environment and the recognition of their rights as a living being, boosts what is established by the Secretary of State of the Environment and Natural Resources, in the Law No. 64-00:


“It is necessary to maintain harmony between humans and their Environment and prevent, correct or eliminate situations that harm the natural resources and the biosphere.”


access_time Friday, June 5, 2015