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Dialogue for the sustainable development of nations

CSR Session / Paraguay


The second part of the international business session of the CUMIPAZ 2016, began with Juan Carlos Borrero, scientist and researcher, specializing in Sustainable Development and Environment, with the theme: "Planet in peace. Actions to be taken for the sustainability of Mother Earth".

Borrero noted the statement made by the Nasa Chief Scientist, John Gurnsfeld, who ruled that for the short term survival of mankind: "Humanity will have to conquer other planets to survive," due to the changes Earth has suffered.

He also said that industrialization and technology have allowed human beings to carry out actions against nature. He added that climate change only seeks to preserve economies that differ with corporate social responsibility.

However, there have been studies and initiatives that lead to sustainable development, the preservation of the environment, the generation of sources of production to ensure stability and global security.

Discussion under the theme: Corporate Social Responsibility

Nelson Diaz Caceres, Director of Sustainability Policy and Research Group, of Colombia, was the moderator of the panel: "The Role of Governments and Global Pact in CSR," which was composed of politicians and businessmen from Latin America and Spain.

Participants in the panel concluded that Social Responsibility allows the employer to be a positive factor not only from the economic point of view, but from the social point of view, understanding that there must be a voluntary global commitment for the sustainability of the planet..

Panel 2: "Benefits of the CSR systems in businesses and its contributions to the regions", was led by Gustavo Yepes, and included the participation of entrepreneurs from the United States and Latin America.

During the dialogue, participants presented an overview of how to handle management systems. They agreed on the need to align business affairs, and production to the goals of sustainable development. 

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