Bolivian senators will participate in the global proposals of CUMIPAZ 2016Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Bolivian senators will participate in the global proposals of CUMIPAZ 2016


A committee of six senators for the Multi-national State of Bolivia will participate during the session of the Peace Integration Summit (CUMIPAZ), which will carry out the second edition in Paraguay, this 2016.

Homer Menacho, national senator of the Multi-national Legislative Assembly, will speak on “The well-being of the human being: an integral concept of development, democracy and human rights”, in the first work table of the Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session of the Summit.

With the lecture: “Promoting environmental values for the harmonic coexistence of the human being with Mother Earth,” the first senator of Cochabamba, Ciro Zabala, will participate in the deliberation of the Educational Session.  

From October 4th to the 8th, global leaders and parliamentary, academic, judicial, political authorities, and the civil society of the world, will present approaches and initiatives that will form part of the global proposals for peace, integral education and a sustainable development.

Asuncion, is preparing to receive the representatives from different countries in America, Europe and Africa, members of supranational organization, States, Governments, civil and corporate organization, that form part of CUMIPAZ 2016.

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