6th Regional Encounter for the rescue of Mother EarthGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

6th Regional Encounter for the rescue of Mother Earth


The cultural union for the rescue and preservation of the Pachamama promoted the 6th Regional Encounter of the Children of Mother Earth in Mexico, an event organized by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) at the Otomí Ceremonial Center, Temoaya City.

Environmental action is part of the International Program "Children of Mother Earth", which seeks to generate actions for a sustainable development and future that guarantees the continuity of human life in harmony with the planet. (See program)

More than 200 people attended the event, including leaders of the Mexican Pluricultural

Indigenous Supreme Council (CSIPM),
the national coordinator of the GEAP in Mexico, Francisco Guerra, indigenous people and activists for peace from different regions.

During the event, the representatives of the native peoples issued a declarative letter in support of the proposals presented by the Embassy concerning the protection, defense, and restoration of Mother Earth.

Encounter promotes ancestral knowledge

"The Embassy has been preparing an educational program based one hundred percent on the teachings of our native peoples; we want our children and young people to learn to care for and preserve the environment, "said the coordinator.
Tenancingo's supreme leader, Jesus Aguilar, recognized the importance of the indigenous peoples to safeguard the relationship between human beings and Mother Earth.
There is no turning back, more than returning to the foundations of our cultures, to the wisdom of men and women who have protected with love and respect, the essence of their conscience in relation to Mother Earth. Think that today we can recognize and name ourselves Children of Mother Earth, "Aguilar said.

United with a single purpose

During the Encounter the proposals promoted by the program Children of Mother Earth were presented:


  • Global recognition of Mother Earth as a Living Being
  • Development of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth
  • Law Project: Framework for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Ecocide
  • Project of the Latin American and Caribbean Pact for the Protection of Mother Earth and the Creation of the Inter-American Court for the Rights of Mother Earth.
  • Law Project: Framework for Environmental Education and Sustainable Development

The leaders of the CSIPM, given their similar objectives with the GEAP, supported the proposals mentioned with the issuance of the declarative letter.

The letter was signed by the national secretary of Native Peoples, Oscar López; the president of the Executive Committee of the CSIPM, Sergio Molina; Lucia Bonilla representative of Tlaxcala; and the supreme head of Tenancingo, Jesus Aguilar.

Likewise, the president of the Council of Peoples of the state of Morelos, Saul Roque, the supreme leader of Tepoztlán, Irene Castro, among others.

Molina, on behalf of all the signatories, said:

"We, who are on this path, will fight and so will the following generations, those who uphold our flags, in other words, we are raising the flags of the indigenous peoples to vindicate not only their status as human beings, but also so that this culture may flourish, so that humanity as a whole flourishes in one face, in one heart and one thought."

Workshops for the preservation and defense of Mother Earth

At the same time, eight workshops were held where representatives of the indigenous peoples presented their knowledge and gave contributions in relation to water sources, conservation, and restoration of the Earth.

The proposals are designed to:

  • Counteract the effects of climate change, the conservation, and restoration of biodiversity;
  • rescue and disseminate ancestral cultural and musical values;
  • support the vision of indigenous women.
  • and prevent ethnocide.

Francisco Guerra, as representative of GEAP, received the proposals of each table to take them to the corresponding agencies and follow up with them in order to get them constituted.


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