Lcda. Gabriela Lara | Words in opening ceremony, Session Science, CUMIPAZ 2018
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Lcda. Gabriela Lara | Words in opening ceremony, Session Science, CUMIPAZ 2018

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Very good morning.

Foremost, we welcome all our authorities that make up the table of honor: thank you very much for your presence and for your support to make the Summit a reality.

I also want to thank all the international and national authorities that have arrived at this Summit  Although we are just beginning, we are certain that it will be a great success, and this Summit has precisely created a space to debate, integrate, propose, present proposals at the level of the judicial field, at the level of science, at the level of health, indigenous peoples, music, education and politics in order to build and consolidate paths for peace and happiness of being human.

In this morning, on behalf of Dr. William Soto Santiago, president of the institution, we extend a warm welcome. And we started with the Science Session for the Preservation of the Life of Mother Earth and of the Human Being.

This session with which we started today has very specific objectives: integrate, synchronize, implement, complement the knowledge of science, technology and indigenous knowledge with the foundation of law, of the defense of rights, of human dignity, of the universal rights, the principles and values, the love for life and the rights of our Mother Earth, through concrete actions with all sectors and actors of society, to be able to precisely preserve that life of the human being and the life of Mother Earth.

The Peace Integration Summit - in addition to providing an open and accessible space for all, and promoting the discussion and practice of new scientific and technological discoveries and discoveries, of scientific research, with the proposals of indigenous peoples - also allows us to conceptualize concrete actions, both individual and collective, for the preservation and restoration of the balance and harmony of the Earth with all the living beings that comprise it; especially, with us: human beings.

I want to leave with you some words from our ambassador, our president, Dr. William Soto Santiago, who once again for health reasons cannot be physically present; but the objective of this work and of this session is precisely moved by the values of Dr. William Soto Santiago and his mission with the work for peace and happiness of the human being.

Thank you very much once again, and I want to leave with you this brief conference.



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