Yassmín Barrios Aguilar

Judge First High-Risk Tribunal A in Guatemala

Doctor of Law, Lawyer and Notary Public

Doctor of Law from the Mariano Gálvez University. Law and Notary Public from Guatemala, with an excersise period of six years. 

She joined the Judicial Body by Opposition. She has been a Judge of Criminal Sentencing and President of the First High-Risk Tribunal A in Guatemala for eighteen consecutive years.
As a judge, she has a history of emblematic rulings against military officers accused of human rights violations in Guatemala.
Barrios has been awarded the International Women of Courage (Mujer Internacional de Valentía) recognition in 2014, by the State Department of the United States of America; in 2013, she recieved the Human Rights Award 2013 by the General Council of Spanish Law and in 2015, the Permanent Civic Program of Industrial Bank honored her trayectory. 


Justice and Democracy Session

She presented her lecture during the Judicial Session: “The Crime of Genocide and its socialogical dn dogmatic charaterization”.