Rosalía Arteaga

Former President of Ecuador

Ecuadorian politician, president of Ecuador from February 7 to 11, 1997, after the overthrow of Abdala Bucaram, to whom he was vice president. Served as interim president from February 9th to the 11th due to the opposition from the Congress of Ecuador.

Born in Cuenca, a province of Azuay on December 5th, 1956. Mother to 4 children, the second of which passed away from complications stemming from Down syndrome. PhD in Law and a writer, she has published several plays, most notably, La Presidenta, a chronicle of her tenure in the vice presidency and presidency of the Republic. Also Jeronimo, dedicated to her deceased son. Divorced from Pedro Fernandez de Cordova and retired from politics, she currently resides in Quito, Ecuador.




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