Raquel Flores

Director of the Institute of Education Sciences - Universidad Autónoma de Chile

Master in Education and PhD in Education Sciences

Professor of Basic General Education, University of Chile, post-graduate studies in Curriculum and Assessment, Master in Education and PhD in Education Sciences Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. In the teaching profession, she has fourteen years of experience in the classroom in first and second basic cycle and in managerial positions emphasized mainly by providing technical advice to both educational levels. Ten years of work in the formulation of public policies through initial teacher training in conjunction with the MINEDUC and Higher Council of Education, and academic work as an Undergraduate School Teacher. Department of Education. Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Chile.

In the continuing training of teachers she conducted technical advisory, monitoring and evaluation through the formation of management teams and in the improvement of teachers through universities in coordination with the Center for Improvement and Pedagogical Experiments of CPEIP.

In ​​research, she was technical advisor in matters of Management to the National Council of Culture and Arts. (CNCA); National Directorate of Libraries and Museums (DIBAM); The National Commission of Science and Technology CONICYT; To the Higher Council of Education and the creation of groups of researchers in educational matters in both state agencies. Director of the Institute of Studies in Education Sciences (IECE). Autonomous University of Chile.


Educational Session

Participated during the Education Session, fourth table: "Higher Education and business culture focused on the happiness of the human being as a challenge of innovation and competitiveness."