Raisa Banfield

Vice Mayor of Panama City


Raisa Banfield currently serves as Deputy Mayor of the Panama District, with the position: Project Manager New (Master Plan for the Development of Panama City).

As an environmental activist, she is dedicated to protecting Panama's at-risk ecosystems. Banfield believes that Panama's social economic development must be linked to environmental protection.

In 2007, she served as co-founder and executive director of CIAM (Environmental Incidence Center). She is the founder and current president of Sustainable Panama (PASOS). Ex-activist and co-founder of Pro-Ciudad Alliance (2010), Pro-Defense Committee of Camino de Cruces Park and other community organizations.

She is coordinator and producer of the television program Nuestro Planeta, also, creator and director of the firm of Architecture and Design RGB S.A. (1994-2007).

She is an architect by profession from the University of Panama.


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