Patricia León

Environmental and Health Engineer of the Lund University of Sweden. (Sweden - Colombia)

PATRICIA LEON GALVIS is vice president of Biolodos S.A. E.S.P. Colombia.
Engineer of Control and Maintenance of Industrial Processes of the University of Lund (Sweden), specialist in treatment of drinking water, residual and sludge. Field where she has developed Filtration Filters® technology for the treatment of them.

Throughout her professional career, she has conducted multiple investigations based on denitrification, experience gained in the ANOX laboratory in Norway.

She is currently vice president of the company Biolodos S.A. E.S.P. located in Colombia, a company dedicated to the treatment of toxic and hazardous industrial sludges and effluents, with zero environmental liability.
Since the founding of her company, she has been the manager of environmental and social educational processes in the areas of influence of the company, implementing CSR principles in all her projects.


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