Orencio Vásquez

Orencio Vásquez Oteo

Coordinator of the Observatory of Corporate Social Responsibility- Madrid, Spain

Degree in Law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Obtained the Diploma of research sufficiency in the doctorate program Growth and Sustainable Development, taught by the University of Distance Education (UNED).

He held the position of Associate Professor of Business Administration and Management, in the subject Financial Systems at Carlos III University of Madrid for 11 years.

He has given courses and conferences, related to different dimensions of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), alternative financing and socially responsible investments, topics on which he has written articles and publications.

He was part of the coordination team of Red Puentes International and the European Coalition for Corporate Justice, and was a member of the multi-stakeholder forum of the European Commission.

He participated as a director in two CSR documentaries, broadcasted on Spanish television and currently co-directs the program: A Space for Responsibility, which is broadcasted weekly on Radio Nacional de España, Radio 5.

He is currently associate professor at the UNED in the department of applied economics and accounting of the Faculty of Economics and coordinator of the CSR Observatory.

He is part of the editorial board of Corresponsables and Diario Responsable, both specialized in CSR. He is also a member of the State Council of Corporate Social Responsibility.

In CUMIPAZ-2016 he will give the lecture: Corporate Social Responsibility, challenges and opportunities.


CSR Sesión

He participated in the CSR Session, Significant Experiences, Cases of success: "Corporate Social Responsibility, challenges and opportunities".