Nick Buettner

Community and Corporate Program Director, Blue Zones (USA)

NICK BUETTNER is Director of the Community and Corporate Program, Blue Zones, United States.
For the past 20 years, Nick Buettner has led 17 expeditions on 6 continents around the world. Three of these expeditions went to the Blue Zones regions, the places with the longest life expectancy and where people reach 100 years or more than anywhere else in the world.
Nick worked with his brother Dan Buettner, National Geographic and a team of longevity researchers to identify and then explore these corners of the world where people lived longer and better lives. He was the executive producer of the Blue Zones expeditions to Okinawa, Japan; Costa Rica; and Ikaria, Greece.
In his current role as director of the Blue Zones Project, he is responsible for bringing Blue Zones longevity lessons to 42 communities across the United States. The Blue Zones Project is a wellness initiative for the entire community that positively impacts the health of more than 5 million people throughout the country.
As a keynote speaker, Nick uses his experience as a member of the original Blue Zones expedition team to take his audience to these longer-lasting cultures. With a dynamic delivery, first-hand knowledge of these incredible regions and National Geographic photography, he inspires, educates and trains listeners on the themes of longevity, well-being and community health.


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