Néstor David Restrepo Bonnett

Secretary of Education, Antioquia Government (Colombia)

Philosopher and Theologian

Philosopher and Theologian, Néstor David Restrepo Bonnett is Secretary of Education of Antioquia. He has a Masters in Philosophy and completed a career in Political Philosophy at the Gregorian University (Italy).

Restrepo, is an expert on Human Rights, public policies, political philosophy, history, urban conflict resolutions, contemporary philosophy, history of violence and conflicts in Latin America, especially Colombia, as well as the link between ethics and politics.

He served as director of the Antioquia office headquarters. In 2015, he was recognized by the President of the Republic of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, as the best official of the School of Public Administration (SAP) in the nation.

He has worked as a professor and researcher at the Pontificia Bolivariana University (PBU), the Eafit and Remington University Corporation, and important schools of higher education in Medellín. He has appeared at universities in Brazil, Italy, United States, as well as in other Colombian institutions, as a visiting professor. He is the author of several academic publications in national and international media and magazines. 


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