Meir Steinhart

Leadership Expert, International Institute for Histadrut Leadership (Israel)

He is an Expert in Leadership, International Institute for Haistadrut Leadership, Israel.

The academic degrees obtained by Meir Steinhart at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of Haifa are: BA in Pedagogy, Literature and Letters, History, in 1967; MA in Educational Administration and Curriculum (Thesis: Cultures), in 1990; PhD. In Philosophy of Education (Thesis: Ethiopian Teens) in the year 2000.

Some of the professional activities achieved by Steinhart, between 2008 and 2017, are: Haifa University: Researcher in the office of Prof. Miriam Ben Peretz; Associate Professor of the International Institute for Leadership - Histadrut (ILO), Alqasemi College University and Mashav, with workshops in Israel, El Salvador (Ministry of Public Security), Honduras, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala (Mineduc), in Colombia (Ministry of Defense) , Ecuador, Russia, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay (Penitentiary Systems), among others.

Steinhart is the Pedagogical Director of the Palestinian-Israeli Spanish Educational Project for Peace and a Member of the Arab-Jewish Teachers Forum (2012-2017).

His publications include: Judeo-Latin American teenagers and the search for their cultural roots. MA Thesis in Educational Administration and Curriculum: University of Haifa, in 1990; various publications from 1995 to 2012, such as: Peace Education Manual, Education as a means of Peacebuilding, Palestinian-Israeli Project. - International Institute for Leadership-Histadrut, The Palestinian House for Professional Solutions. With the support of Exterior XXI, Spain.



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