Luis Armando Tolosa Villabona

Magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice (Colombia)

LUIS ARMANDO TOLOSA VILLABONA is Magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia. Specialist in Constitutional Criminal Law, Commercial Law, Criminal Law and Criminology, Legal Procedural Institutions and Public Law, is also magister in Procedural Law and Models of Problematic Teaching.

He started his professional career as a trial lawyer (graduated from the Universidad Libre de Colombia). In the Judicial Branch, he worked as a Magistrate of the Civil Chamber of the Superior Court of the District of Riohacha and later of Tunja.

He has been a professor of the Republican University Corporation, Santo Tomas University, La Gran Colombia, del Rosario, among others.

In 2013, he assumed the position of the titular magistrate of the Civil Chamber of Cassation Hall of which he was also president.


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